Monday, December 27, 2010

Who would have thunk it??

I can't believe the NFL lately. I know the road conditions are horrible so don't get me wrong, but cancelling a game because of snow? Then the mother of all head scratchers comes last night. All I hear on the news is how Seattle will host a prime time game on Sunday.  That's right folks, the Rams at 7-8 are coming to play Seattle at 6-9 in prime time.

Now I know it's one of the only games left with some intrigue to it, but whoever wins and goes to the playoffs is one and done. I honestly got to thinking about it, and I'm sure we would all rather see this match up on the field in prime time come Sunday.

Who's with me on this idea??


  1. Seattle vs St Louis. Lets just look at the cheerleaders instead.

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