Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where have you been??

I don't know if you have even realized that I really haven't been posting much lately. I know that I was giddy about being able to complete my life long dream of collecting all the Mariners cards since they started in 1977. My biggest problem is a complete lack of time, and some inspiration.

 I have really been doing so much time at work that I haven't even had time to look at cards. We have been so short handed that most days have 10-12 hours days. My wife continues to work as many hours or more that I do. My son had a very busy summer baseball season that was a blast to watch. He has now started high school and is a member of the Varsity golf team, so matches are taking time after work to watch him play. I have been looking at the piles and boxes of all the cards that I have collecting over the many years. I'm hoping that in the next couple months as work slows I can organize. I am contemplating whether to donate, sell, or sends cards as a gift to people. I think selling would be a hassle. I will come to something to do with them.

This is how I continue to feel about my Mariners year after year. Completely embarrassed...

I am looking forward to seeing how few cards my Mariners will have in the soon to come Update set from Topps. I think there might be a few rookies to see cards, but we didn't bring anyone new in. Sadly we have had another losing season, and I think it its time to change up the leadership on the bench. I'm hoping to bring in some players that can hit and get us some offense.

I am here and I'm still reading others when I can. I hope that all my great fellow bloggers will remember me when Update cards come out and can help me with the few Mariners that might come out.