Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ask, and ye shall receive...

Recently, when Topps Update came out I decided not to buy any. I thought I would try and beg my fellow bloggers to send me their Mariners. This mission was a success. I guess because there was only 8 cards to get. I recently got a few from Play at the Plate. I also got an E-mail from Mark at Collector's Crack saying he was busting a box of Update and any extra Mariners were mine for a simple address. Sign me up for that kind of deal. Yesterday I get this in the mail:

Not only did Mark send me all 8 Mariners in Update, He also sent a full page hand written letter. Dude, that means alot to me when a trader takes the time to write you a note with your cards. I've received notes before, and I try to put a note in mine when I can, but this was way cool. Thanks again for the help Mark!! If anyone can send this man in the cold north some cards of his Brewers or Packers, he will return the favor to you ten-fold. I will do some searching and see what I can come up with for you Mark.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tops of the Topps 2006-2010

Here we are back for the last of my favorite of the Topps cards for the Mariners. Next manufacturer we will dive into soon will be Donruss. Back to the most recent Topps for the Mariners that have been down for quite a while now.

2006 Felix Hernandez
First card of the "King" with Major League stats. He worked his way up the system to become one of the league's best. The future is great for a 24 year old stud.

2006 Update Jarrod Washburn
It is always nice to spring training unis with the Mariner teal. I'm surprised we have seen Wash pitch lately.

2007 Jose Guillen
This looks like Topps didn't even try. How do you get these two guys confused?

2007 Update Adam Jones
Thanks again to Bill Bavasi. You traded this kid and four more players for Erik Bedard? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!! Congratulations Orioles fans.

2008 Raul Ibanez
Just knowing that is the ivy of Wrigley in the background makes this card an instant classic for an AL team that doesn't get there much.

2008 Update Erik Bedard
Here's what we got for Adam Jones. Mr. 100 pitches and I'm done, and I only pitch half a season because I get hurt. GREAT...

2009 Yuniesky Betancourt
Look mom, I'm running, I'm running. Can I score from second? Probably not, the way this team played in 2008 was awful.

2009 Update Endy Chavez
Nice full extension. I was a shame that he got in a collision with Betancourt and blew out a knee. Thankfully we had Franklin Gutierrez to replace him.

2010 David Aardsma
I can't figure this card out. It looks like a cartoon with the color, and what is he looking at? Shouldn't he be looking at the plate?

2010 Update Rob Johnson
A beautiful play at the plate card. I believe this card is coming to me in trade soon, so I will borrow this picture of it for now.

There you have them folks, 34 years of Mariners base and traded/update Topps goodness. Of course all cards chosen are the best in my opinion. I'm sure you may have some other choices, or maybe you don't care about the Mariners. That's fine too. If there is a card from a year that you think I missed, let me know.

Murphy fest 2010

I recently got an e-mail from Charlie over at The Lifetime Topps Project. He said he could make a hit on the Prime 9 with a 1980 and 1983 Dale Murphy. He said he had also pulled a Tony Gwynn SP from 2010 Topps Update. With these cards a trade was born. Look who graced my mailbox yesterday:

Charlie didn't fail on the Tony either. This is an absolutely beautiful card:

Also inserted into this package was a stack of assorted Mariners needed for the super set. Some old some new.

 Every few cards continues to get me closer to someday collecting all the Mariners I need. Do you have some cards that can help? Please take a look here if you think you can. Anything helps. Thanks again to Charlie, and now I think I need to add the 1984 Topps Dale Murphy and the 1985 Topps Dale Murphy to the Prime 9.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome home Mr. Murphy

I recently had been having a back and forth e-mail exchange with Steve of the Greatest 21 Days. He had said to me that he saw I had the 1980 and 1983 Topps Dale Murphys on the Prime 9(see sidebar) but didn't have a 1882 listed. He asked if I already had one, and I said no I just had those two up first because I always loved the design of those years. Well look what comes in the mail yesterday:

Also included were some 1988 Fleer Mariners I need for the Super Set, and a whole slew of Mariners minor league cards from his 1990 CMC set. There are Calgary Cannons, Williamsport Bills, and San Bernadino Spirit cards all in there. Nice to look back and see who made it and who didn't. Thank you again Steve. If anyone has any extra Murph's, any Willie Stargell, or David Ortiz(for my son) cards laying around that need a good home let me know and I would love to trade for them.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tops of the Topps 2001-2005

Here we are with the next to last post of the tops of Topps. Don't worry, I will trying my hand at the other big makers after Topps. There could be some begging during those posts if the cards I pick are cards I don't own, but need for the Super Set. Anyways, let's start on a high and work our way to losing teams.

2001 Rickey Henderson
Rickey says, " You will pick Rickey's card because Rickey is on it. Everyone loves Rickey, including Rickey. Isn't that right Rickey?"

2001 Traded Ichiro Suzuki/ Albert Pujols
A card of two MVP's, all stars, and future Hall of Famers together. Simple beauty.

2002 Playoff Bound AL West winners
The night this game happened at Safeco was a very heart touching game. The decision to honor the fallen, instead of champagne bathes was great on the team's part.

2002 Traded J.J. Putz
The first sight of the future closer with the nasty fastball. It is sad to see how far he fallen since leaving Seattle.

2003 Lou Piniella
" Look guys, I know we won't win 116 every year, but let's play a little better. Fine then I'm going to Tampa and working with the D-Rays. Have fun without me..."

2003 Traded Rey Sanchez
How far and how quickly does a team sink when they think the answer might be Rey, Rey, Rey? This downward slope is a steep one, here comes the nose dive.

2004 Scott Spiezio
So because you had one good post season, the brain trust in the front office signs you? Thanks alot Bill Bavasi, you were a bumbling idiot(see 2006 draft, first round).

2004 Traded Matt Tuiasosopo
How many people can pronounce Matt's last name?? It is Two-e-ah-so-so-po. If that's too hard, just call him Tui. This famous family had dad and two of his brothers in the NFL, and Matt in MLB.

2005 Bucky Jacobsen
The half season wonder that took the Northwest by storm. He was one of the few highlights on a dismal team. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and has since retired form baseball.

2005 Traded Pokey Reese
How does a guy that only played in spring training in 2005 get a card in this set and 2006's base set? He never even played a regular season game for the Mariners. Another wasted signing of an old veteran.

This brings us to our last post of Topps. The next round will be cards that everyone knows being that they are the most recent. Thanks for reading along, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Giving Thanks

A while back I was the lucky winner of Play at the Plate's World Series contest. I feel bad that I won at the expense of his Rangers. He was a gracious person, even though I'm sure he was stricken with heartache to have a winner route against his team. He sent me out a couple of pacts of Topps Chrome. I don't collect them, but I did get this beauty for the Mariners collection:

A Mariners refractor card of a Rangers player in a Mariner uniform. I wish we were a better team last year so we would have had a chance at Cliff. Also Brian sent some more Gwynns for the collection. All more cards that I didn't own. Some I've never even seen or knew existed.

Thank you to Play at the Plate, and if you don't read his blog daily, you need to. He is a great writer with some very informative and thought provoking material. Thanks again Brian, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tops of the Topps 1996-2000

Here we are with post #200. Time to look at back at some of the most winningest years in Mariner history. Our next go round will have the winningest team in baseball history. Let's see what the late 90's have in store for us.

1996 Randy Johnson
Does the sight of a Big Unit slider coming right at you, scare you? It kind of freaks me out. Hello Mr. Snappy.

1997 Prospects Jim Bonnici
One of these things is not like the other...We all know the mayor in Casey, we all remember Dmitri, who and what the hell happened to Jim??

1998 Jamie Moyer
The sweet form of the ageless wonder. I hope he can recover and get to 300 wins, and maybe pitch until he's 50.

1999 Ken Griffey Jr.
Looks like connection to another homer. While I never was one of his biggest fans, he did have a beautiful swing.

1999 Traded Sean Spencer
Sean looks a little overwhelmed in spring training. I think he is excited to see all the stars. Not often you see a pitcher with a single digit on his back.

2000 Mike Cameron
Hello, I will be the one to replace an icon in center field. It didn't take long to wow the fans in the first home game robbing Jeter of a home run.

2000 Traded Mark McLemore
Mr. Everything. This guy kept a team together. I'm surprised a team hasn't offered him a coaching job. He is a great clubhouse guy.

Soon to come another five years of Topps beauty? Who will we see next?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tops of the Topps 1991-1995

Time to look at another five years of Mariners Topps beauty. These were the years when the team would start to find itself and continue to improve. In 1991, after many years of trying they would finally finish above .500. That would in turn get Jim Lefebvre fired. 1992 was a lost year under Bill Plummer, but the M's would bring in this former Yankee player named Lou Piniella. We all know where the team would go from there. Now on to the cards...

1991 Dave Valle
You have to love a catcher that wore the shell helmet. Those two tone shin guards are pretty awesome looking too.

1991 Traded Rich DeLucia
The Mariners only had 2 cards in 1991 Traded, and this was the only action shot.

1992 Jay Buhner
You have to love the blue Oakleys, no goatee yet, and the admiration of a home run blast.

1992 Traded Kevin Mitchell
Again another thin year in the Traded set. This was the Mariners only card in that set.

1993 Harold Reynolds
This I believe is the first card I've found that was taken in the Kingdome. Usually they are spring training or East Coast road trips shots.

1993 Traded Dave Magadan
Mid season trade with the Marlins brought the cousin of Lou Piniella to the Mariners. First sighting of the the new and current look Mariners uniforms.

1994 Edgar Martinez
The beautiful stance of a great hitter that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. They did name the DH of the year award after him you know.

1994 Traded Eric Anthony
You have to love the Northwest Green(teal) uniforms, and celebrating a win. The jerseys will be back a few times this next year.

1995 Mike Blowers
I'm taking my helmet and shoes, and I'm going home. You guys are mean to me. PPHHTT!!

1995 Traded Darren Bragg
I know it's a single, but I'm going to try and stretch it into a double. Watch me, here I go....

Our next journey will take us into the years of 1996-2000. These would be the beginning of the end of the biggest names to ever hit Seattle sports.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tops of the Topps 1986-1990

Here we are back again for another five year trip down Topps memory lane. Some of these are pretty good, some are less than stellar.

1986 Roy Thomas
Roy looks like he's thinking "I'm getting older and I have to play with this bunch of kids?" Sorry for you Roy.

1986 Traded Pete Ladd
I'm sorry if you don't like it, but the curls and the aviator glasses is a genuine mid 80's look. We all wanted to look like that back in the day.

1987 Jim Beattie
Jim looks out at spring training play and wonders, "I've been with team how long and we still can't improve? I'm eventually going to the front office in Montreal and Baltimore instead."

1987 Traded Bill Wilkinson
I don't want my picture taken. I'm going to hold my breath until you leave me alone.

1988 Donell Nixon
Look deep into my eyes. You're getting sleepy...very sleepy...sleepy...

1988 Traded Jim Snyder
I finally became a manager and I only go 45-60. I guess I'm getting fired at the end of the year. Oops.

1989 Henry Cotto
You have to love the flip down sunglasses around the neck and the mesh back spring training hat. Classic.

1989 Traded Jeffrey Leonard
Hey Griffey, let me teach you how to make this backwards hat thing popular. The kids will love this look on you. I know everyone was expecting me to pick Junior's card here, weren't you??

1990 Jerry Reed
I always laugh and think he was Snowman from Smokey and the Bandit, but nope he was our pitcher.

1990 Traded Brent Knackert
Hey Topps, I'm glad to see that from 1977 to 1990 to 2010 your airbrushing skills are sub-par. I've seen some that look decent, but how hard is it to make a yellow S. Please explain this to me.

Next around we will look at 1991- 1995. Some of the cards will get better, some will not. I'm just weird that way.