Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(Not so) Hot Stove League

While we all know it is early in the off season, we need something. True, there have been a few managers come and go and some small movement of players. I like to dream big, but when it comes to my team, I'm very realistic. So many Mariners fans seem to dream big every year. This year is no different. Everyone seems to think that with Jack Zduriencik's past history we can land this guy.

I say there is no way he is coming to Seattle. If he came here he would become an overpriced DH. That's not to say his isn't a good hitter, but is any DH worth 20-25 million a year?Some lunatics have even said that we should and could bring this guy to Seattle (I say when pigs fly).

One guy that I would like to kick the tires on for the Mariners is a shortstop. I don't think there is anybody of great desire in the system for the future. I don't know what the price range is for him, or much about his past. Might look good as a DP combo with Dustin Ackley.

The Mariners have made one move bringing in John Jaso in a trade for Josh Lueke. I think it will be an upgrade behind the plate from Miguel Olivo.

Where is your team in the off season? Who would you dream of signing, or who do you think your team can realistically get for next year?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Division Enemies=Trading Friends

Have you ever noticed that fans of teams in your division make great traders? I have had great experiences in the past with Rangers fans. The Angels are a team I have a soft spot in my heart for. Their #1 blogger is Tom from The Angels, In Order. He does pretty historical and in depth work on the Angels. He sent me a few cards to help out on the Mariners Super Set.

The Peguero gets me one closer to finishing 2011. The two Donruss cards finish the 1982 and 1992 sets. I'm finding that the more I chip away at this thing, it seems like myself and no one else was collecting in the mid to late 1990's. Most of my wants seems to be in that era.

Tom also sent these that will be going into the boxes of different Mariners cards. I like the two players with coneections to the ownership in Japan. The gutierrez is my first Lineage card since I don't really buy much other than flagship stuff. I can't figure out why the A-Rod has a hole in it, is that where the steroid syringe goes into his butt cheek? I think it's cool to see a pitcher like Salkeld with a bat in his hands. I don't like to see pitchers hit though, both leagues need to use the DH. Jay Buhner is wearing the face mask and glasses so nobody will reconize him in New York.

Big thanks again to you Tom. Keep up the great work on the Angels. I wonder if Athletics fans make good trade partners? Does anybody know of some active A's traders? Hello Oakland fans are you out there?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hail to the Victors! A cup full of Apples!

While I have to spend most of my day at work today, my mind will be on football. The game I will miss seeing live will be this one:

I think you all know by now where my loyalties lie. If you don't, let me help you with this one. I like two colors in this game, and they AIN'T scarlet and gray, they are Maize&Blue!!

The other game is should be home in time for. It is a Washington home game, but it's being played at Seahawks Stadium.

When it comes to this game and any other sports in Washington, I bleed Purple and Gold baby! Go Dawgs!!

I hope if your team is playing today, they win. If your team is Ohio State or Washington State, then I hope you get spanked.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Eye Catchers part 2

I realized later in the day yesterday that I cut the first anniversaries post short due to having to leave for work. I need to send a big thanks to Dodgerbobble for reminding me about some other noteworthy ones for 2012. Let's start with the logo for his team first.

The Dodgers will be celebrating their 50th year at dodger stadium this coming year. The Dodgers spent their first four years at the Memorial Coliseum after moving to LA from Brooklyn in 1958. The 1962 season would see the Dodgers move to their new home in Chavez Ravine. It's been many years since I've been, but it is still a cool stadium.
Next, we have a team that has a ballpark that set a precedent for most teams to rebuild stadiums. The pioneer in the retro ballpark craze is Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. It was the first, opening in 1992.

The Orioles decided to not only celebrate the park, but also went back to some sweet looking uniforms for next year. I personally am excited to see the cartoon bird come back to the O's.

The Royals have done a lot of work to Kaufmann Stadium. I miss being able to see the fountains in the outfield like you use to. I know they are still there and visible, but not like before. The 2012 All Star Game will be played in Kansas City this year. The Roylas will be wearing this to commemerate the game in their city.

The last one, whether you love or hate the team, you have to definitely celebrate. 2012 will mark the 100th birthday of the famed Fenway Park in Boston. Having gone there in 2009, I have to say it is a pretty awesome stadium. It is amazing that a ballpark can make it that long and not be too far off from what the original was.

Can anybody think of any other celebrations, anniversaries, or mile stones that I missed? Is there some uniforms changes that teams are doing that we should look at?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does it catch your eye?

As card collectors we all must have a passion for sports. Our biggest passion is the little pieces of cardboard that hold pictures of our favorite teams or players. Are you like me and also like the looks and logos of teams and events? A few baseball teams next year have BIG and not so big anniversaries. First, let's start with my local and favorite baseball team.

This is what the Mariners have decided to go with for their 35th anniversary logo in 2012. While it will look nice on their uniforms, in my opinion it is very simple. It will work though.

 I don't know if their expansion brothers in Toronto will do a 35th logo this year or not yet. Although they have gone back to a logo similar to the orginal.

The team in the Big Apple is turning 50 this year. I like the return of the skyline in their 50th logo. I think it is awesome that they went with the gold ball stitching. The only thing missing is the small NY on the building in the background. I guess they made up for it with a bigger NY on the bottom.

The one logo that I'm really loving is the newest member of the AL West. The Astros got it right for their 50th season in Houston. I like how the incorprated the old workmark from 60's and the flying ball from the late 60's. Also you can see the tequila sunrise rainbow in the background. They also put thier modern day star at the bottom. I think it is awesome that they will be doing flashback Fridays wearing the uniforms of the past. I hope to see some of those games on TV next year.

So what do you think? Do you care about asthetics and the looks and logos of yours and other teams? What are some of your favorite looks and logos??

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sad Monday Morning

I was shocked and saddened to wake up this morning and turn on the local news. Normally I just turn it on to see what the weather holds in store for work during the day. This morning, less than 5 minutes into the newscast they say they are working on a developing story. Reports out of Rotterdam, Netherlands say that 24 year old Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was stabbed to death. His 22 year old brother is currently being held as a suspect. While it is early, and no one knows all the facts yet, it is a sad story to say the least.

I'm not too sure how Greg was going to fit into the Mariners left field plans for next year, but I'm sure there might have been a chance he would have probably been with the big club and platooned in left in 2012. May he rest in peace, and may his family find comfort in knowing that all of us here that love the Mariners will have them in our thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seattle's Most Wanted

OK, maybe not the city of Seattle's, but my big ol' Mariners collection's most wanted. Why would I say that a star with a name like Kennedy Ryan is most wanted?? I only need them to finish off 2011 and continue the slow work on years past. Do you own BASE versions of these cards you want to part with??

US28 Adam Kennedy

US167 Brendan Ryan

Also, feel free to help out with some of the sets from the past if you would like. I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's college football. My Wolverines came up big against Nebraska, but the Huskies layed a stinker against the Beavers. Apple Cup is this weekend, just beat the damn Cougars!! I see the losing streak to the Suckeyes coming to an end in Columbus on Saturday. Go BLUE!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

There's treasure in the Ivy

As we all know, I recently updated all my wantlists. I even tried to separate them out by maker to simplify. One of the bloggers who was willing to help was Paul from Wrigley Wax.

Paul is one of the many bloggers that I strive to be like someday. There are some guys that are legendary, and they know who they are. They post all the time, have great content, and are helpful with trades. While what Paul sent isn't much, it's of great importance to me. These four 1969 Pilots cards mean I need six more cards from '69, and six more from '70 complete the Pilots cards.

Anybody out there that does vintage, you know who you are, can you help? I really want to knock down all these Pilots and Mariners wants by the start of next season. With the continued help of the blog community, I know I can achieve it.

To the two bloggers out there that I know for sure will appreciate this, today is a big day. The mighty Maize and Blue take on Nebraska. We need to win this game to ride the momentum in to Columbus and kick Ohio State's butt. I know that Dennis of Too Many Grandersons, and Jeff of My Sports Obsession will agrre with me on two words today:


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Praying for Pilots

Before the Mariners came into existence for one year in Seattle there was the Pilots. While they weren't a very good team, they have their place in Seattle sports history. While in their existance, Topps made cards for them in their only year of 1969, and they had cards for the 1970 set, thinking the team would be here and not on the way to Milwaukee after Spring Training. In those two years, there were 56 cards for the Pilots. I have 56 of those cards so far. I now own all 56 Pilots cards!!!

Updated 12/9/12
Current 56/56(100%)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Question before buying

I realize lately I have been neglecting my duties as a good blogger. With working too many hours at work the blog has taken a back seat.

I recently upgraded to an iPhone. It was time after owning the same Blackberry for over 4 years. While I have been having fun finding sports related apps, there isn't much for us. There are basically no apps for card collectors. I did find one app called iBaseball Cards. I'm a little hesitant to pay the $0.99 for it if it isn't any good. I was wondering if any of you fellow collectors out there have bought it, and what do you think of it. Thanks for the help everybody.