Friday, December 3, 2010

Donruss Dandies 1981-1985

Now that we have gotten through my favorites from the Topps brand of cards for each year, I thought let's try the other card makers. Why not start in alphabetical order, which means we start with Donruss. As we all know, Donruss's first set was in 1981 and it was riddled with errors and bad photography. Where what I could pull out of the first years that I thought were best.

1981 Joe Simpson
I guess the photographers couldn't find anything better to do with a rain delay in Chicago, so let's do next year's cards. It is cool to see the old Comiskey scoreboard in the background, and the tarp in the field.

If anyone has this card I need one. Trades welcome

1982 Tommy Davis
It was not common at all to give individual coaches their own cards, but Donruss decided to be different. From the look on Tommy's face I would do whatever he says. That's one scary face.

1983 Gene Nelson
I'm not sure where they did the round of photos for this set, but half look like they are in an empty stadium. A few fans makes it more believable.

If anyone has this card I need one. Trades welcome

1984 Ricky Nelson
I love the look of this card. Look at that nice bunt technique. The bunt is a lost art in my opinion. I know everyone loves the long ball, but moving runners over is part of the game.

1985 Bob Kearney
I know it is stereotypical, but tell me those glasses don't just scream 80's.  I like they way they fit under that batting helmet.

There you go folks, the first five years of Donruss memories. I know that some of their cards would get better years later, but the first were the worst. If anyone has a bunch of extra Donruss from those beginning years, please look at the Super Set wantlist and help a lonely Mariner fan out.

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  1. Ok, I'm a big geek. So I tried to find out where they may have shot that Gene Nelson card.

    It has to be a road game, with bad attendance. The candidates:

    April 29 @ Cleveland, day game, attendance 3,984.

    May 4 @ Baltimore, night game, attendance 8,040.

    June 7 @ Texas. Attendance 8,484

    Every other road game he pitched had crowds over 20,000. My guess it's at Cleveland.