Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anybody seen my cards?

Not too long ago, I put out a request for help in collecting 2012 Topps Mariners. Unfortunately, I didn't have very good information on what cards were in Series 2 for my beloved losers. Here is the updated list of Mariners I still need for the Super Set:

#378 Brandon League
#397 Hector Noesi
#430a Felix Hernandez
#430b Felix-Larry Bernandez
#484 Hisashi Iwakuma
#526 Casper Wells
#537a Ichiro
#537b Ichiro- Sunglasses
#548 Charlie Furbush
#606 Mike Carp
#627 Justin Smoak
#645 Kyle Seager

If you have any extras of any of these cards I would appreciate them. This has worked well the last few years for me and has kept me from continuing to buy pack after pack hoping to get the few Mariners I need to keep me happy. Thanks in advance to all my fellow bloggers!!