Saturday, June 8, 2013

Time to Double Down!!

I love to come home and check the mail and find random envelopes with cards in them. Today bought another surprise from Tom with a few more Mariners to push the Super Set to near completion!! He was able to find the last two cards I needed from Donruss in a Rafael Soriano and an Ichiro! He also sent me six more from Fleer to bring their total down to 2 cards left!! The last two might prove to be difficult unless someone just has these cards laying around. I would give just about anything to get these last two cards into mt possession and be able to complete this lifelong dream. Here are a Mariners fan's most wanted card for his collection:

courtesy of eBay

 Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first of my needs in the form of a 1994 Fleer Update rookie card of an over payed, soon to be confirmed cheater that is in New York now but started his time here in Seattle.

courtesy of eBay

Lastly, the second card to complete the dream is 2001 Fleer Tradition rookie card of Ichiro. I have watched him the last two nights as the Yankees have been in town to play the Mariners, and he is definitely starting to show his age and decline. It doesn't surprise me that the last two would be the higher priced RC's. If you have either one and would be willing to part with it, let me know and we will see what kind of deal can be made. I can't believe that I might get this done before the All Star break this year!!