Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finest Fleer 1991-1995

Here we are back for another look at Fleer. It will start BRIGHT and end like you are on drugs. Here what the first half of the 90's brought us:

1991 Ken Griffey/ Barry Bonds
I like how Fleer had the foresight to show two players that would turn out to be one clean, and one that's dirty.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1991 Update Tracy Jones
Is it just me or does it look like Tracy is making the catch with his eyes closed?

1992 Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken is starting to get good, and is so scary he carries two bats to the plate.

If anyone has any of these cards, I'm open to a trade.
1992 Update Cards 54-58
Bret Boone, Dave Fleming, Kevin Mitchell, Jeff Nelson, Shane Turner
I can't find any scans or pics on the net.

1993 Brian Fisher
Nice fundamentals of using two hands to field a ball.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1993 Update Mike Blowers
You're doing OK rookie, but put on this eye black and you will look cooler.

1994 Jay Buhner
Go ahead and flip that bat, because "The Bone" knows that ball is gone.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1994 Update Felix Fermin
I'm sure Felix is thinking, be careful with your head on this slide or it's going to hurt.

1995 Randy Johnson
How good or bad is it that you get not one, but two scary shots of the Big Unit on the front?

1995 Update Jeff Nelson
The picture of Nellie on the left side of the card looks like something hurt.

There you go kids, another round of Fleer fineness. I'll be back soon with some more for you.

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