Monday, May 30, 2011

Always keep the memory

While most take the day off to relax, and some us go to a job we can't forget those that have a harder job than us. Take a moment today to remember those that have made the sacrifice for this country and our freedom to talk about cardboard and anything else we want to say. Thank a friend of family member that has served. If you seen someone in the Military today, thank them.

To the men and women out there that have and are serving this country, a BIG THANK YOU from every one us!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rolling the Right Way

It was 30 years ago yesterday that was the play of the night in Seattle:

Also in the Northwest this happened 20 years ago yesterday:

Things are starting to get back to normal for the Mariners. Big Mike didn't have has best stuff last night, but he got through 5 innings. The best part of the night was to see A-Rod go down swinging on an ugly strikeout.

The bullpen came in for the last 4 and slammed the door. With the win last night, the Mariners have achieved .500 and now sit only 1/2 game out of first place!!

 While I know it is only the end of May, the way this team has been for awhile it's reason enough to be excited. I think that this team is starting to put together a nucleus of a team that we can build around, and start making a future. There are some guys that won't be a part of the longer future, but are surely contributing. If you would have told me that Adam Kennedy, Brendan Ryan, Miguel Olivo, and Luis Rodriguez would be the older guys that are helping this team I wouldn't have believed it. Now if we could just get Chone Figgins and his 9 million dollar head to be a team player, we could continue.

I will be at the Safe tonight to be part of King Felix's court. Let's hope the M's can shoot down the Bombers again, and maybe tomorrow I'll wake up with the Mariners in FIRST PLACE!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bring on the Bombers

Tonight is the night. The Mariners are back in town. They are 1 game under .500, and 1 1/2 games out of first. Also comes the hated Yankees. I know Yankee fans think they own baseball, but after the weekend you will leave town with your tail between your legs. Have you seen the horses we are throwing at them this weekend?

Michael Pineda- Win on Friday night

King Felix- Win on Saturday night

Jason Vargas- Good chance to win on Sunday

The only day that worries me is Sunday. I don't know if CC will beat the M's. Also this guy is so in love with himself that he will have another bad series in Seattle:

Since leaving 10 seasons ago for the chance to WIN in Texas, and jumping for more cash in NYC Alex has not done well in the Safe. His average is only .253, lowest in all AL parks since leaving the Mariners. Yes, all these years and we still hate you A-Rod. Should be a fun weekend, I will be there Saturday.  GO MARINERS!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Don't let me down

My Sharks bit the big one last night. Now the only things I have to root for are the Mariners, and my son's All Star team. I know the kids will be good, and fun to watch. Let's hope the Mariners can be as entertaining. I'm starting to see some promise out of this team. They lost on a bad balk call, but they are playing good.

I'm going to Saturday's game against the Yankees, and finally get to see Felix pitch. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you to the Sharks for a great season. I'm not sure why we fall flat in the WCF again and again, but maybe we can make it next year. I don't want to root for the Canucks, so I'm with whoever comes form the East.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Taste, More Filling

My son who loves baseball has been asking me about his favorite players. I told him to list them out and I would see what I have for him. Of course the kid has good taste in players, but not always the most affordable kind. Here is who he chose as his favorites:

David Ortiz "Big Papi"

"King" Felix Hernandez

Nolan "The Ryan Express" Ryan

Willie "Pops" Stargell

Nice choices by the boy. I hope to be able to add to his collection the next time I make it to a LCS.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Staggering Awesomeness of a Heartbreaking trade

With the way my days have been filled with work and coaching 12 year old baseball, I haven't had too much time. In this past week we have had 6 games in 7 days due to rain out makeups.  A while back, the great Matt of Heartbreaking cards of Staggering Genius got together with me to help me out with some M's Super Set needs. Early this past week, I got a small package in the mail and was excited to see what was inside. There was great assortment of cards the show Mariners players, both new and old.

Also, Matt sent some 80's cards to finish off a couple of those years. A few Upper Deck cards continue to push that manufacturer towards completion. The oldest and coolest set card from Matt was of a former President who played in Seattle:

Oh, that's right. This John Kennedy has the middle name Edward. Pretty close, JEK and JFK. Maybe the grassy knoll was a fake and he changed his name to play baseball???? Depending on your viewpoint, he was a better politician than infielder. Any card that helps me get the '69 and '70 Pilots sets done, is OK by me.

The most unexpected cards of the lot were these:

My son at one time loved Richie Sexson. He wanted to be #44 and hit bombs.

Now with him making the 2011 Mt. Rainier 12U All Star team, and pitching as well as he is he want to be the King Express. One coach told him he looks like Felix, and has the classic over the head wind up like Nolan Ryan. He decided to be #34 on the tam this year. Last year he wore 42 to honor, Jackie, and in 2009 he wore 24 to honor Willie Mays. Dad gets to coach this year, I wanted 19, but the manager took it so I will honor "Pops" with 8 this year. My son took #8 this regular season after seeing a special on the 1979 Pirates and liked Willie. His teammates even call him Pops.

Please don't think I have forgotten about sending you my end of our trade. I have a great '69 Pilot card for you Matt. Also there will be some other cards of players and teams you like. My apologies for taking so long, and my thanks for being understanding in me taking too long to get you your cards.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I finally found one

I have been searching high and low for a 2011 Topps team set. The Target's and WalMart's around here can't seem to get them in stock. I could find the AL and NL All-Star sets, but no Mariners. While at the Mariners team store yesterday to buy tickets for next Saturday's Yankee game I found them.

While the 17 card sets have the players that we've all seen in series 1, I'm think it's safe to assume we will be seeing these seven cards as part of series2:

What would a year be with out Topps doing their usual lousy job of airbrushing guys into new uniforms. Why can't they send photographers down to spring training and get some photos at spring games?

I would rather that than these things. Jack Cust's uniform looks kind of close, but Olivo's is bad news. Why does Brendan Ryan's road grey uniform have a number on the front, and why does he still have on red sunglasses??

I like the thought of the last card being a team shot or a stadium picture. Why is it then, that we see the Cleveland Indians on the field for the stadium card and not the hometown 9?

While I feel you fell short in production on these Topps, I bought them and they will go into the binder as I try to continue to work on the Super Set of all Mariner base cards. I only need about 550 more cards to polish this bad boy off.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lakes will overflow

The state of Minnesota is know as the land of 10,000 lakes. Those lakes will be full with the tears of sports fans in the state. Minnesota has lost two loved sports figures in a very short time. As most know, yesterday the Twins lost probably the greatest player in their history, Harmon Killebrew.

Also lost recently was a player loved by fans of the Minnesota Wild. Even though Derek Boogaard had left to play for the New York Rangers, he was well liked by Wild fans. The "Boogie Man" was a tough competitor on the ice.

My heart felt condolences go out to both families, and to all the sports fans of those Minnesota teams.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is my belief that when the Designated Hitter was established in 1973, it was a solid idea. It was good for older players that were still good to continue to play. It also was to help pitchers focus on pitching instead of wasting a batting spot. In today's age, the DH needs to do two things, hit for average and hit for power. How many regular DH's have hit no home runs this year? If you said this guy, you are right:

Here's how the DH's stack up for homers this year:

1. David Ortiz 7
2. Johnny Damon 6
     Jorge Posada  6
4. Travis Hafner 5
5. Adam Dunn 4
    Vladimir Guerrero 4
    Victor Martinez 4
8. Billy Butler 3
    Hideki Matsui 3
10. Juan Rivera 2
      Jim Thome 2
      Michael Young 2
13. Bobby Abreu 1
14. Jack Cust 0

How is it possible to be a DH, and be a month and a half into a season with no power?? In the times he has gone the Angels, Rangers, and now the Orioles we could have signed this guy:

Maybe a bit too expensive, but this guy was available this off season too:

I guess we like mediocrity in our DH. I know no one can replace Edgar Martinez's legacy in Seattle, but a decent DH would be nice.

We have been waiting for at least seven years for one. I guess we can only hope that someday we will sign one, or someone will grow into the role. I'm not too sure where that guy will come from...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

That is a BIG ONE!

Have you ever noticed on your favorite team there is always a position that never is quite a solid place. It's an enigma or a BLACK HOLE.

I had known that that position for the Mariners has always been left field. Seattle Times writer Larry Stone did a great piece on the very subject yesterday. Read it here. What I found interesting was the number of players that have spent time at that corner of the outfield.

In what is the 35th season of the club, as of right now 271 different guys have played some time in left. There have been 22 different starters in left field on 35 Opening Days.  Some are funny like Randy Johnson being out there for an inning. Jeff nelson was out there for a batter, and Harold Reynolds did an inning out there too. In the last 22 years there have been 3 different full time Center Fielders( Griffey, Cameron, and Gutierrez, Ichiro did 2 years in center), and 2 Right Fielders( Buhner and Ichiro).

One thing I found really interesting was the carousel that has been there since the start of 2009. Look at this break down list of players for the position:
Year       Name                      Gms

              Milton Bradley          26
              Carlos Peguero           5
              Ryan Langerhans        5
              Michael Saunders       4
              Mike Wilson               2
              Michael Saunders     74
              Milton Bradley         38
              Ryan Langerhans      28
              Matt Tuiasosopo      14
              Eric Byrnes              10
              Greg Halman              4
              Mike Carp                  1
              Wladimir Balentien     42
              Michael Saunders       39
              Endy Chávez              40
              Ryan Langerhans        30
              Bill Hall                     21
              Ken Griffey Jr.            8
              Ronny Cedeño            7

Pretty sad to see that the last two years each have seen 7 guys in left, and already in 2011 we have had 5. I'm still not sure who the answer in left. There never has been a clear cut answer. I mean we have had 3 different Bradleys, 3 Hendersons- including Rickey, 2 Mitchells, 2 Hunters, a Tiny, and a Pee Wee. The last outfielder the Mariners have drafted was Dustin Ackley, but he's being converted to a second baseman. Before that, you have to go back to 1995 when they took Jose Cruz Jr. He was unfortunately sent to Toronto for two relievers we just as soon forget.

Question of the day: Where is the BLACK HOLE on your team's roster, and how bad has it been?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

He's back in town...

The man who was once probably one of the most hated players in Mariners history is back. He has come back re-incarnated as a different player, but with the same basic results. At times in the mid 90's no one was more unpredictable coming out of the Mariners bullpen than Bobby Ayala.

This guy would save a few games, and then he was like a BP pitcher getting tee'd off on. He finally got so bad, the M's sent him to Montreal for some no-name minor league guy. Now in 2010, and again in 2011 after some success early Bobby is back. This time though, he's lost his goatee, and has gotten all tatted up. This is the face of evil in Seattle now:

This is Brandon League. He came to the Mariners for another pitcher that wasn't all that great, Brandon Morrow. Last year, Mr. League was 9-7 with 6 saves, and 6 blown saves for the M's. In 2011, already he is 0-4 with 9 saves earlier, and 3 blown saves all in the last week. In the last four outings he has gone a total of 4 innings, giving up 12 hits and 10 runs all leading to losses. He has seen his ERA go from a 2.08 to a whopping 7.31. Last night the Indians were down 2 runs in the ninth, and what do we do but put Brandon out on the bump again and then we see this for the fourth straight time.

I'm ready for Eric Wedge to try someone else in the closer's role for a while. Eric Wedge has this look quite often and doesn't like he enjoys it.

 Why not give a guy like Dan Cortes a shot at the role.

If he struggles, at least Mariners fans know he is young and working at improving at the closer spot. I think Dan has the stuff to be a decent closer. I don't mind struggling through this season if we are defining roles for guys in the future, and improving their make-up for the eventual return of good Mariner baseball. Another possibility is to give the job to Chris Ray who has closed before.

 I don't see Chris with a long future here, but it could be a stop gap for now. As of now the losing streak is at 6, I don't know if it will end today with Erik Bedard on the mound. We will see how it goes, but I think Tribe fans will happy again at the end of the day.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Not feeling it...

Sorry, I just find the time or the effort to come up with anything. The Mariners continue to flounder. Felix didn't look good last night and the Orioles looked like champs. With the way the Mariners having been losing for 10 years now, I'm starting to feel Pirates fans pain.

Let's hope this guy can pull our butts out of the fire tonight in Game 7 at the Tank. If we lose this one, I might go crazy and run down my street screaming like a loon.

Why can't I ever pick a team that's a winner? Why must my teams always break my heart??

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Throwing money down the hole & around goes the carousel

The Mariners decided to make moves yesterday. While he may not play again this year, he will make all of the 13 million he is owed. That's right, Milton Bradley you have been DFA'd!

Also on the DFA list is extra outfielder Ryan Langerhans.

To take their places on the roster, the Mariners have brought back up Carlos Peguero.

Soon to make his Major League debut, Mike Wilson was also called up to the big league team.

I had hoped that there was a chance we would be in it a little more before we decided to start spinning the carousel from AAA tacoma to Seattle, but it will be good to see the future.

I have to give much credit to Eric Wedge for doing his best to try to get all that he could from Milton.

I would think that this is probably be the last we will ever see of him, but someone might pick him up since the M's on on the hook for the rest of the year salary wise. It was a bad deal from the start, but we did rid ourselves of Carols Silva when Milton came here. I liked Langerhans, the guy just never got the chance to play regularly. The next players I forsee been cut are probably Michael Saunders, and Jack Wilson. Let's see where the wheel spins to next...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finish the Job

What the heck happened yesterday?? One of my teams was tied and lost, and the other was ahead and let it slip. I was excited to see this and wanted some more:

I DO NOT want to continue to see this, especially when it costs us the win at home:

Also, why have my Mariners fallen apart against the White Sox? Oh, that's right you don't leave the closer in for 2 innings anymore! Brandon League shut the door in the 9th, but got hammered in the 10th and cost us the game. Well maybe both teams need to leave their respective towns, and get some wins on the road on Tuesday. M's head to Baltimore, and the Sharks are jetting back to Detroit again.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Something old, something new

During the Easter holiday, Matthew over at Number 5 Type Collection held a little contest. All you had to do was pick a number. I picked #105 and what was closest to my number was 110. the #110 netted me this card in the contest:

A 1971 of Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski. While Maz is most well known for this in 1960:

Bill was also a third base coach in Seattle. Maz was brought into the Mariners family in 1979 by manager Darrell Johnson.

When Johnson was fired in 1980, Maury Wills took over and kept Bill on his staff. After the 1980 season Bill left the Mariners.

Also, Matthew sent an extra card of a future HOF'er, I'm sure you've heard of him. Here's a beauty from his second year of cards:

That's right folks, #'d 16/100. I'm not big on #'d cards and all the limited stuff. I'm more of a regular old base card kind of guy. It is a nice card to have though, and I have some thoughts of what I might do with it.

Thanks again to Matt for the great contest.

Also, thanks to the Mariners for the exciting walk-off win, and to White Sox Cards for his season long homemade cards and this beauty from last night's game:
I love the old trident M in the star. I wish they would go back to those uniforms full time.