Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm really starting to get pissed at the Mariners front office!! What the hell are we doing? Is everone on vacation, or do we just not care? I mean I find out this morning that we could have had this guy as easily as he gotten:

I see that the Brewers didn't even have to give up the farm to get Greinke. Here are seven guys off the top of my head that could have been part of any deal to send to Kansas City to bring back to back Cy Young winners to Seattle.

1. Carlos Triuenfel SS 20 years old

2. Alex Liddi IF 22 years old

3. Michael Saunders OF 24 years old

4. Blake Beavan P 21 years old

5. Greg Halman OF 23 years old

6. Mauricio Robles P 21 years old

7. Michael Pineda P 21 years old

I would be easily able to give up on two or three of the top position players listed and maybe the first pitcher too to get Zack here. He definitely would do well in Seattle with his dislike of large crowds and rude people. Come on Mariners let's get on the ball and quit signing crap when we could get something for a change! We could have gone after Russell Martin instead of Miguel Olivo too, if you want my honest opinion. I'm calling you out Howard Lincoln, Chuck Armstrong, and Jack Zduriencik to do something. I know Jack is slowly but surely going to get us turned around, but those other two need to retire and let the team be run right and have a chance to flourish. I WANT TO SEE A WORLD SERIES SOMEDAY!!!

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  1. Join the club... at least you guys have Ichiro... a bona fide superstar. I'm a diehard A's & Padres fan... we trade everyone who has talent away ;-)