Friday, December 31, 2010

Look who's back...

For many of you not on the West Coast, I know this game was way past your bedtime. Look who is back to being somewhat decent. That's right, the Dawgs, baby! They of the two touchdown underdog, pulled a 19-7 stunner of Nebraska last night. After getting beat down here in Seattle 56-21 back in September, it was time for redemption. The Huskies took it to the Huskers all night. A thorough performance, and a great way for Jake Locker to cap off his senior season. Let's hope this is the start of a return to greatness. After going 0-12 a few years ago, it nice to see the Huskies back in a bowl and continuing to improve.

Now can I get a win tomorrow morning from my other team? I know there are a couple people out there who will be rooting with me for the Maize and Blue! GO BLUE!!


  1. As much as I should probably be rooting for a future Big 10 team in a bowl, it was fun to see Nebraska lose again!

    And of course, GO BLUE!