Friday, December 31, 2010

Look who's back...

For many of you not on the West Coast, I know this game was way past your bedtime. Look who is back to being somewhat decent. That's right, the Dawgs, baby! They of the two touchdown underdog, pulled a 19-7 stunner of Nebraska last night. After getting beat down here in Seattle 56-21 back in September, it was time for redemption. The Huskies took it to the Huskers all night. A thorough performance, and a great way for Jake Locker to cap off his senior season. Let's hope this is the start of a return to greatness. After going 0-12 a few years ago, it nice to see the Huskies back in a bowl and continuing to improve.

Now can I get a win tomorrow morning from my other team? I know there are a couple people out there who will be rooting with me for the Maize and Blue! GO BLUE!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What are you going to do?

As we all know the end of the year is quickly approaching. Everyone is making plans for the coming year. I have a very simple plan for next year. Before the season, I want to finish of the break down of all the cards I like from the manufacturers from each year. I have set three simple collecting goals this year.
  1. Collect Mariners cards from 2011 for Topps, and Upper Deck(if they make them again)
  2. I really want to work hard on the Super Set this year, with your help and buying if I have to
  3. I really want to thin out the collection. I'm thinking internet garage sale, pick a team, get cards
I'm keeping it simple this coming year. I'm sure it won't be hard with the help of all you wonderful people out in the blog world.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A dimwit is a good thing...

I recently entered a contest over at The Daily Dimwit where he opened a bunch of blasters of cards. The idea of the contest was watch the video, pick 5 cards you like, and if the great randomizer draws your name, you win. I watched and only saw five total Mariner cards, now we all know what five cards I was picking, right? Now, because it was near Christmas, and Samuel was in a giving mood, all commenters were winners. Well, looky what came in the mail yesterday:

Three cards of '09 SPx with Ichiro, Felix, and some guy named Griffey(?). Also there was a '07 Bowman Heritage of Felix(nice looking card), and an '06 UD Mike Morse. The Morse card was needed for the Super Set, so scratch one more card off the never ending list. Big thanks again to the generosity of Samuel. Give The Daily Dimwit a read, and help out an Astros fan with some cards if you can.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Who would have thunk it??

I can't believe the NFL lately. I know the road conditions are horrible so don't get me wrong, but cancelling a game because of snow? Then the mother of all head scratchers comes last night. All I hear on the news is how Seattle will host a prime time game on Sunday.  That's right folks, the Rams at 7-8 are coming to play Seattle at 6-9 in prime time.

Now I know it's one of the only games left with some intrigue to it, but whoever wins and goes to the playoffs is one and done. I honestly got to thinking about it, and I'm sure we would all rather see this match up on the field in prime time come Sunday.

Who's with me on this idea??

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gift Idea??

I'm kind of curious what everyone thinks and need your help. I received a gift card to Amazon from work for Christmas, and am contemplating many books. One that has come to my mind for quite a while is this one:

I was wondering how many of my fellow bloggers have read it, and would it be worth investing the time and money to give it a read? I have about five other baseball books that really caught my eye for an eventual read, but would really like to get some feedback from the blog world about some of the books you have read, or would like to sit down and read.

In the end, I hope that Christmas saw all of you receive all that you could have hoped for.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thank you Santa!

I found out from my mailbox yesterday that Santa lives in Michigan. Dennis, the fine proprietor of Too Many Grandersons sent a small package to me. Inside said bubble mailer was many of my new favorite cards. The piece de resistance was the card that doubled my relic/auto collection of Tony Gwynn cards from 0 to 1.

Also Dennis was nice enough to send along these eight beauties from the great #19.

And because he knows that I am Mariner fan at heart, Dennis sent some 1983 Topps Mariners, 1982 Topps, and these two gems from the 2008 Trading Card History set. I really like the look of Felix on an '86 style.

Thanks again to Santa in Ann Arbor. I hope that everyone I sent out Christmas cards to, received their cards without too much hassle and enjoyed them. To all my friends in the blog world, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your day, and enjoy your family. Family and friends are the most important things in life.

P.S. Santa in Michigan, can you deliver this team to a win a week from today in the Gator Bowl? I would appreciate that very much. Go Blue!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Trails

Say goodbye to our Opening Day starting catcher from 2010. He could only make it half the year before getting sent back down to AAA Tacoma. Now he has been shipped off to San Diego for the infamous "player to be named later or cash considerations." This move was made  after Rob was DFA'd to make room on the 40 man for Jack Cust.

Rob Johnson, unless people saw you in Tacoma, we hardly knew you. I'm still not too sure what to make of this team yet, I think it is going to be a long year, but maybe they can surprise me like 2009. Now if we only could have gotten a decent replacement for Rob, I would be feeling a little better, not that Rob is all that great. After all he's not one of the two Pudge's, or Johnny Bench.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Murphy Christmas!

Not too long ago, I put up a couple posts about receiving Dale Murphy cards in trades. One of the comments was from Tim saying he had an '85 Topps Dale for me. Low and behold, but what shows up today in a hand written Christmas card, but this beauty:

Tim took the time send me a card in a card, similar to what some of you may have received from me recently. I feel bad because Tim said that he would do his end of the trade after the first of the year, but I can't for the life of me remember what we had discussed for a trade. If you read this Tim, shoot me an e-mail so we can discuss this further. I either deleted your e-mail, or I'm just flat losing my mind. Thank you again for bringing another Murphy home to the Northwest!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm really starting to get pissed at the Mariners front office!! What the hell are we doing? Is everone on vacation, or do we just not care? I mean I find out this morning that we could have had this guy as easily as he gotten:

I see that the Brewers didn't even have to give up the farm to get Greinke. Here are seven guys off the top of my head that could have been part of any deal to send to Kansas City to bring back to back Cy Young winners to Seattle.

1. Carlos Triuenfel SS 20 years old

2. Alex Liddi IF 22 years old

3. Michael Saunders OF 24 years old

4. Blake Beavan P 21 years old

5. Greg Halman OF 23 years old

6. Mauricio Robles P 21 years old

7. Michael Pineda P 21 years old

I would be easily able to give up on two or three of the top position players listed and maybe the first pitcher too to get Zack here. He definitely would do well in Seattle with his dislike of large crowds and rude people. Come on Mariners let's get on the ball and quit signing crap when we could get something for a change! We could have gone after Russell Martin instead of Miguel Olivo too, if you want my honest opinion. I'm calling you out Howard Lincoln, Chuck Armstrong, and Jack Zduriencik to do something. I know Jack is slowly but surely going to get us turned around, but those other two need to retire and let the team be run right and have a chance to flourish. I WANT TO SEE A WORLD SERIES SOMEDAY!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finest Fleer 1996-2000

Here we go again. More years, more Fleer. Their design quality started to really fall off in these five years. I did like the feel of the Tradition cards later on, but still fairly simple.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1996 Luis Sojo
The hero for the Mariners in the one game playoff with the Angels to get to the Yankees.

1996 Update Sterling Hitchcock
Could it be that Alfred's grandson pitches for the Mariners? He should be with "The Birds."

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1997 Update Raul Ibanez
Yes, he actually started as a catcher. I don't know about Philly, but we spell his name with eight U's.

1997 Update Jeff Fassero
It's always cool to see a card with a pitcher batting. Especially with the double flap helmet.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1998 Tradition Heathcliff Slocumb
OK, we see you can jump, but can you pitch. I guess not, thanks alot Red Sox. This trade still haunts me.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1998 Tradition Update Carlos Guillen
One of the pieces in the Randy Johnson deal. Thanks front office for thinking Randy's back was shot.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1999 Tradition Carlos Guillen
Fleer, you're getting lazy. That looks like the next picture in the sequence from the last card...

1999 Tradition Update Damaso Marte
Sitting on top of the bench, tennis shoes not spikes, but has his glove on. I can't figure out if he's ready to pitch or go home.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
2000 Tradition Jose Mesa
Hey Joe Table, how old are you really? Or do you even know for sure??

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
2000 Tradition Update Kevin Hodges
Nine years in the minors, 7 games in the Majors, then off to Japan. But some how you get a card, Fleer must have just needed fill the set I guess.

There it is for this time. We only have seven more years of Fleer to look at, before they would become like Donruss and ride off into the baseball card sunset.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finest Fleer 1991-1995

Here we are back for another look at Fleer. It will start BRIGHT and end like you are on drugs. Here what the first half of the 90's brought us:

1991 Ken Griffey/ Barry Bonds
I like how Fleer had the foresight to show two players that would turn out to be one clean, and one that's dirty.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1991 Update Tracy Jones
Is it just me or does it look like Tracy is making the catch with his eyes closed?

1992 Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken is starting to get good, and is so scary he carries two bats to the plate.

If anyone has any of these cards, I'm open to a trade.
1992 Update Cards 54-58
Bret Boone, Dave Fleming, Kevin Mitchell, Jeff Nelson, Shane Turner
I can't find any scans or pics on the net.

1993 Brian Fisher
Nice fundamentals of using two hands to field a ball.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1993 Update Mike Blowers
You're doing OK rookie, but put on this eye black and you will look cooler.

1994 Jay Buhner
Go ahead and flip that bat, because "The Bone" knows that ball is gone.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1994 Update Felix Fermin
I'm sure Felix is thinking, be careful with your head on this slide or it's going to hurt.

1995 Randy Johnson
How good or bad is it that you get not one, but two scary shots of the Big Unit on the front?

1995 Update Jeff Nelson
The picture of Nellie on the left side of the card looks like something hurt.

There you go kids, another round of Fleer fineness. I'll be back soon with some more for you.