Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Masterpiece is COMPLETE!!!

We all know that Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel as his masterpiece.

Everyone has seen the most famous woman ever in Da Vinci's crowning achievement in the Mona Lisa.

I went to my mailbox yesterday, and found the finishing touches on my coup de grace! Tom had come through again. The last two cards I needed for the Mariners Super Set came a week before the All Star Game. There was a 1994 Fleer Update RC of Alex Rodriguez and a 2001 Fleer Tradition RC of Ichiro. Two cards that are neither cheap or easy to come by. From the note inside I gather that there was some finagling to be able to secure these cards.

I feel so honored that these two beauties are now in their proper spot with the other nearly 3500 Mariners cards I own. Since my wife and son and I took a trip last weekend to Safeco Field and watched them lose to the Cubs in extra innings of a beautiful turn back the clock game, I picked up a Topps Mariners team set in the team store.

That is 17 more cards to add to the collection. As we all know, Topps has made the collecting world go crazy for Series 2 in the last few weeks. My team being the less than stellar team with very few stars only gets 8 cards in Series 2. Those 8 cards are now in their rightful place in the binder with the other 1250+ Topps cards made and I'm at 100% COMPLETE!!

I do believe that my next goal will be to work on the collections of some of my favorite players. I have the checklists made out, I just need to sit down and organize and double check them. I want to say thank you to all the people out there that I have traded with so far that have helped me get to the place of completeness. Without the help of everyone, I wouldn't have gotten this done!! If you could help with the new ones great.

Thank you again to all the collectors that have helped me so far to get all these great cards!!