Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A dimwit is a good thing...

I recently entered a contest over at The Daily Dimwit where he opened a bunch of blasters of cards. The idea of the contest was watch the video, pick 5 cards you like, and if the great randomizer draws your name, you win. I watched and only saw five total Mariner cards, now we all know what five cards I was picking, right? Now, because it was near Christmas, and Samuel was in a giving mood, all commenters were winners. Well, looky what came in the mail yesterday:

Three cards of '09 SPx with Ichiro, Felix, and some guy named Griffey(?). Also there was a '07 Bowman Heritage of Felix(nice looking card), and an '06 UD Mike Morse. The Morse card was needed for the Super Set, so scratch one more card off the never ending list. Big thanks again to the generosity of Samuel. Give The Daily Dimwit a read, and help out an Astros fan with some cards if you can.

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