Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Player Collections

I thought it might be time to start a list of players that I collect. It's not long, but they are my favorites.

Tony Gwynn
Willie Stargell

Dale Murphy
Alvin Davis
Ryan Rowland-Smith

David Ortiz-For my Son
Nolan Ryan-For my Son

Monday, March 29, 2010

Card from the box

Time to dig into the box of cards again and see what the good fortune is inside this time. I have a feeling it's going to be good...
Not bad! I own a full set of the 81 Topps. I also love this card and many of the 81 Angels because the pictures were taken at the Angels half spring training facility in Palm Springs, CA. I remember them playing at Angels stadium and waiting after games to get autographs from Angel players and the visitors as well. The stadium wasn't great, but we had Major League baseball for a few weeks. I'm thinking eventually that might be another project to collect, cards with pics from Palm Springs Angel stadium. Maybe I can get some help and clarification from Angels fans which ones are from there for sure.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Retro Mariner Sunday 3/28/10

Time to take another trip into the Mariner wayback machine to spotlight a former M's player. Today, we go back to a player that had a lot of hype and potential but was never able to showcase it with the Mariners. This week , we look back on Ivan Calderon.

Ivan was originally signed as a amateur free agent by the M's in July, 1979. From 1980 to mid 1984, he made the natural progression through the minor leagues. In 1980, he was at rookie ball with the Bellingham Mariners. In 1981 and 1982 he played A ball with the Wausau Timbers. For 1983, Ivan played for the AA Chattanooga Lookouts. In 1984, he started the season with the AAA Salt Lake City Gulls. On August 10, 1984 he made his MLB Debut in the Kingdome against the Twins, going 0 for 3. For 1985 Ivan split time in RF, LF, and 1B. He couldn't get consistent playing time in the outfield with Phil Bradley, Dave Henderson, And Al Cowens playing regularly. It was hard to get much time at 1B either with new phenom Alvin Davis playing there. After losing most of his playing time in right field to Danny Tartabull, the Mariners traded him to the White Sox to complete a deal that brought C Scott Bradley to the team.

Ivan spent his most productive years with Sox, and was traded after the 1990 season to the Expos for Tim Raines. His best year of his career came in 1991 with Montreal when he made the All Star team. After two years withe Expos, he was traded to the other Sox, the Red Sox. He spent most of 1993 with Sox, but was released and spent the last month of 1993 back with the White Sox. Due to injuries, he retired after the season. He was not heard from much after retiring back to his home in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, Ivan met his untimely death on December 27, 2003 when his was shot 7 times in the back of the head in a convenience store in Loiza, Puerto Rico. It is believed that there might be a mafia connection to his murder. His murder remains unsolved and no one has been brought to justice for his death. May Ivan rest in peace.

Super Set Wantlist

It took close to two months, but here is the list. If you have something that isn't listed, or is some kind of odd-ball, or just Mariners that you want to get rid of, send me an e-mail or leave me a comment What was I thinking trying to collect all these baseball cards?

Updated 10/23/11
Currently own 2758/3272(84.3%)
Pilots and Mariners cards

1969 Topps Pilots
135 Tommy Davis
233 Steve Barber
254 Joe Schultz
285 Don Mincher
377 Gary Bell
394 Lou Piniella/Marv Strehle RC
451 Rich Collins
534 Jerry McNertney
563 Marty Pattin
651 Gus Gil
1970 Topps Pilots
224 Steve Barber
596 Mike Hershberger
613 Dave Baldwin
652 Rich Rollins
688 Ted Kubiak
713 Pilots Team Card
1977 Topps Mariners
1978 Topps Mariners
1979 Topps Mariners
1980 Topps Mariners
1981 Topps/Traded Mariners

1981 Donruss Mariners

1981 Fleer Mariners
658 Checklist
1982 Topps/Traded Mariners

1982 Donruss Mariners
596 Bryan Clark
1982 Fleer Mariners

1983 Topps/Traded Mariners

1983 Donruss
21 Floyd Bannister DK
127 Bruce Bochte
176 Jim Beattie
302 Bill Caudill
1983 Fleer
656 Checklist
1984 Topps/Traded
1984 Donruss
74 John Moses
196 Rick Sweet
484 Ron Roenicke
619 Bob Stoddard
632 Dell Crandall
1984 Fleer
658 Checklist
1984 Fleer Update
9 Dave Beard
14 Barry Bonnell
15 Phil Bradley
60 Bob Kearney
70 Mark Langston
117 Gorman Thomas
1985 Topps/Traded

1985 Donruss
69 Alvin Davis

1985 Fleer
484 Jim Beattie
486 Phil Bradley
492 Mark Langston
500 Jim Presley
501 Mike Stanton
503 Gorman Thomas
659 Checklist
1985 Fleer Update
1986 Topps/Traded
1986 Donruss
22 Phil Bradley DK
69 Alvin Davis
362 Spike Owen
1986 Fleer

1986 Fleer Update
45 Lee Guetterman
63 Pete Ladd
131 Steve Yeager
1987 Topps/Traded

1987 Donruss
1987 Fleer
653 Steve Fireovid/Rob Nelson A's
1987 Fleer Update
1988 Topps/Traded

1988 Donruss
1988 Fleer
379 Mike Moore
385 Jim Presley
386 Rey Quinones
657 Checklist
1988 Fleer Update
59 Mario Diaz
60 Mike Jackson
1988 Score

1988 Score Rookie/Traded
46T Steve Balboni
48T Henry Cotto
62T Mike Jackson
74T Greg Briley
91T Mike Schooler
95T Jay Buhner
1989 Topps/Traded

1989 Donruss
1989 Donruss Traded
1T Jeffrey Leonard
54T Tom Niedenfuer

1989 Fleer
659 Checklist
1989 Fleer Update
1989 Score
1989 Score Rookie/Traded
7T Jeffrey Leonard
100T Ken Griffey Jr.
105T Omar Vizquel
1989 Upper Deck
1 Ken Griffey Jr.
547 Rich Renteria
1990 Topps/Traded

1990 Donruss
1990 Fleer
1990 Fleer Update
119 Tino Martinez
120 Jeff Schaefer
121 Matt Young
1990 Score
1990 Score Rookie/Traded

1990 Upper Deck
1991 Topps/Traded

1991 Donruss
1991 Fleer
1991 Fleer Update
U-53 Tracy Jones
U-54 Bill Krueger
U-56 Jeff Schaefer
U-57 Russ Swan
1991 Score
896 Ken Giffey Jr.
1991 Score Rookie/Traded
33T Rob Murphy
1991 Upper Deck
1991 Upper Deck Final Edition
18F Marc Newfield
43F Patrick Lennon
79F Ken Griffey Jr./Ryne Sandberg CL
87F Ken Griffey Jr. AS
1992 Topps/Traded
1992 Donruss
329 Rob Murphy
1992 Donruss Rookies
3 Rich Amaral
1992 Fleer
1992 Fleer Update
54 Bret Boone
55 Dave Fleming
56 Kevin Mitchell
57 Jeff Nelson
58 Shane Turner
1992 Score
141 Pete O'Brien
423 Pat Rice
485 Edgar Martinez
654 Mike Schooler
1992 Score Rookie/Traded
18T Kevin Mitchell
85T Dave Fleming
104T Bret Boone
1992 Upper Deck
1993 Topps/Traded
1993 Donruss
1993 Fleer
1993 Fleer Final Edition
1993 Score
1 Ken Griffey Jr.
102 Omar Vizquel
172 Jay Buhner
272 Jeff Nelson
504 Ken Griffey Jr.
536 Ken Griffey Jr.
1993 Upper Deck
1994 Topps/Traded
1994 Donruss
4 Ken Griffey Jr.
66 Rich Amaral
155 Mike Felder
183 Dave Fleming
240 Tim Leary
268 Edgar Martinez
314 Brian Turang
385 David Valle
388 Dan Wilson
492 Jeff Nelson
574 Marc Newfield
647 Erik Plantenberg
1994 Fleer
278 Rich Amaral
279 Mike Blowers
283 Norm Charlton
284 Mike Felder
289 Brad Holman
300 Dave Valle
1994 Fleer Update
79 Eric Anthony
80 Bobby Ayala
81 Tim Davis
82 Felix Fermin
83 Reggie Jefferson
84 Keith Mitchell
85 Bill Risley
86 Alex Rodriguez
87 Roger Salkeld
1994 Score
240 Tim Leary
302 Jeff Nelson
316 Chris Bosio
411 Mike Felder
568 Bret Boone
1994 Score Rookie/Traded
22 Dan Wilson
37 Felix Fermin
43 Reggie Jefferson
61 Bobby Ayala
79 Roger Salkeld
107 Greg Pirkl
155 Marc Newfield
1994 Upper Deck
24 Alex Rodriguez
53 Ken Griffey Jr.
73 Dave Magadan
224 Ken Griffey Jr.
1995 Topps/Traded
1995 Donruss
18 Randy Johnson
24 Dan Wilson
31 Eric Anthony
67 Rich Amaral
205 Bill Risley
340 Ken Griffey Jr.
373 Dave Fleming
438 Jeff Nelson
471 Jay Buhner
478 Marc Newfield
496 Darren Bragg
1995 Fleer
265 Tim Davis
266 Felix Fermin
268 Rich Gossage
269 Ken Griffey Jr.
278 Mac Suzuki
1995 Score
222 Randy Johnson
312 Alex Rodriguez
328 San Diego/Seattle
442 Bobby Ayala
551 Ken Griffey Jr. HIT
1995 Upper Deck
100 Ken Griffey Jr.
338 Omar Vizquel
345 Jay Buhner
347 Mike Blowers
349 Edgar Martinez
1996 Topps
1996 Donruss
8 Alex Rodriguez
79 Dan Wilson
108 Jeff Nelson
141 Jay Buhner
166 Andy Benes
199 Bobby Ayala
259 Joey Cora
314 Alex Diaz
338 Ken Griffey Jr.
373 Bob Wolcott
409 Luis Sojo
478 Randy Johnson
529 Norm Charlton
1996 Fleer
225 Rich Amaral
226 Bobby Ayala
227 Tim Belcher
230 Darren Bragg
232 Norm Charlton
233 Vince Coleman
234 Joey Cora
235 Russ Davis
236 Alex Diaz
237 Felix Fermin
238 Ken Griffey Jr.
239 Sterling Hitchcock
241 Edgar Martinez
242 Bill Risley
243 Alex Rodriguez
244 Luis Sojo
245 Dan Wilson
246 Bob Wolcott
1996 Fleer Update
U78 Russ Davis
U82 Mike Jackson
U83 Ricky Jordan
U84 Paul Sorrento
U85 Doug Strange
U223 Ken Griffey Jr. 
U247 Ken Griffey Jr. Checklist
1996 Score
20 Alex Rodriguez
193 Randy Johnson
282 Ken Griffey Jr
314 Andy Benes
361 Alex Rodriguez
417 Chris Bosio
475 Luis Sojo
505 Bob Wolcott
1996 Upper Deck
199 Joey Cora
200 Ken Griffey Jr.
202 Alex Rodriguez
203 Norm Charlton
224 Arquimedez Pozo
248 Bob Wolcott
376 Ken Griffey Jr.
458 Russ Davis
1997 Topps
1997 Donruss
21 Ken Griffey Jr.
89 Randy Johnson
123 Paul Sorrento
126 Edgar Martinez
132 Joey Cora
151 Bob Wells
168 Sterling Hitchcock
305 Jeff Fassero
327 Dan Wilson
396 Jose Cruz Jr.
404 Alex Rodriguez
426 Randy Johnson
436 Jeff Fassero
439 Ken Griffey Jr/Andres Galarraga
1997 Fleer
201 Rich Amaral
202 Jay Buhner
204 Joey Cora
205 Russ Davis
206 Ken Griffey Jr.
209 Raul Ibanez
213 Alex Rodriguez
214 Paul Sorrento
215 Matt Wagner
492 Ken Griffey Jr. Checklist
1997 Fleer Update
1997 Score
192 Randy Johnson
499 Ken Griffey Jr.
507 Alex Rodriguez
548 Ken Griffey Jr. Checklist
1997 Upper Deck
150 Ken Griffey Jr.
193 Mac Suzuki
202 Edgar Martinez
317 Mark Whiten
319 Alex Rodriguez
384 Edgar Martinez
385 Ken Griffey Jr.
422 Alex Rodriguez
424 Ken Griffey Jr.
480 Mac Suzuki
499 Joey Cora
504 Jamie Moyer
547 Jose Cruz Jr.
1998 Topps
1998 Donruss
4 Randy Johnson
28 Ken Griffey Jr.
34 Alex Rodriguez
56 Edgar Martinez
82 Jay Buhner
156 Ken Griffey Jr.
163 Alex Rodriguez
1998 Donruss Update
185 Dan Wilson
255 Joey Cora
260 David Segui
269 Ken Cloude
308 Shane Monahan
370 Alex Rodriguez
375 Ken Griffey Jr.
383 Randy Johnson
386 Ken Griffey Jr.
408 Alex Rodriguez
420 Ken Griffey Jr. Checklist
1998 Fleer
1 Ken Griffey, Jr.
34 Joey Cora
100 Alex Rodriguez
137 Randy Johnson
209 Russ Davis
304 Randy Johnson
314 Ken Griffey, Jr.
317 Randy Johnson
324 Jay Buhner
329 Ken Griffey, Jr.
336 Alex Rodriguez
342 Ken Griffey, Jr.
349 Alex Rodriguez
362 Glenallen Hill
403 David Segui
436 Bobby Ayala
469 Heathcliff Slocumb
553 Jeff Fassero
572 Ken Griffey, Jr.
584 Ken Griffey, Jr.
587 Randy Johnson
594 Alex Rodriguez
1998 Fleer Update
U7 Ken Griffey Jr.
U10 Alex Rodriguez
U40 Carlos Guillen
U44 Shane Monahan
1998 Score
10 Alex Rodriguez
34 Ken Griffey Jr.
269 Ken Griffey Checklist
1998 Score Rookie/Traded
13 Ken Griffey Jr.
30 Alex Rodriguez
68 Joey Cora
111 Jeff Fassero
163 Dan Wilson
253 Ken Griffey Jr. 
1998 Upper Deck
3 Jay Buhner
10 Ken Griffey Jr.
14 Jose Cruz Jr.
18 Alex Rodriguez
140 Ken Griffey Jr.
146 Alex Rodriguez
223 Jeff Fassero
224 Dennis Martinez
225 Ken Griffey Jr.
226 Edgar Martinez
245 Ken Griffey Jr.
250 Randy Johnson
457 Alex Rodriguez
510 Alex Rodriguez
511 David Segui
512 Rich Amaral
515 Randy Johnson
540 Ken Griffey Jr.
542 Shane Monahan
601 Randy Johnson
617 Alex Rodriguez
620 Ken Griffey Jr.
723 Glenallen Hill
1999 Topps/Traded
1999 Fleer
3 Ken Griffey Jr.
9 Alex Rodriguez
137 Carlos Guillen
173 Edgar Martinez
191 Jamie Moyer
199 Shane Monahan
257 David Segui
336 David Bell
367 Ken Cloude
393 Jeff Fassero
426 Giomar Guevara 
455 Butch Huskey
468 Raul Ibanez
496 Jose Paniagua
507 Eric Weaver
539 Dan Wilson
591 Ken Griffey Jr. Checklist
593 Alex Rodriguez Checklist
1999 Fleer Update
U148 Alex Rodriguez 
1999 Upper Deck
203 Russ Davis
251 Ken Griffey Jr.
487 Alex Rodriguez
488 Tom Lampkin
490 Jay Buhner
491 Edgar Martinez
492 Butch Huskey
493 John Mabry
494 Jamie Moyer
519 Ken Griffey Jr.
524 Alex Rodriguez
533 Ken Griffey Jr.
1999 Upper Deck Encore
81 Ken Griffey Jr.
82 Alex Rodriguez
102 Carlos Guillen
136 Ken Griffey Jr.
141 Alex Rodriguez
166 Ken Griffey Jr.
180 Alex Rodriguez
2000 Topps/Traded
2000 Fleer Tradition
1 AL HR Leaders: Griffey/Palmerio/Delgado
3 AL RBI Leaders:  Ramirez/Griffey/Palmerio
49 Ken Griffey Jr. Checklist
91 Gil Meche - Denny Stark RC
119 John Olerud
152 Freddy Garcia
153 Edgar Martinez
170 Jay Buhner
222 Ken Griffey Jr.
238 Giomar Guevara
319 Jose Mesa
354 Alex Rodriguez Checklist
385 Jamie Moyer
391 Alex Rodriguez
429 Russ Davis
430 Dan Wilson
433 Seattle Mariners
2000 Fleer Update
13 Kazuhiro Sasaki
40 Mike Cameron
66 Al Martin
91 John Olerud
95 Rickey Henderson
100 J.Pineiro/C.Guillen
2000 Upper Deck
233 Gil Meche
234 David Bell
238 Jose Mesa
276 Kazuhiro Sasaki
493 John Olerud
494 Alex Rodriguez
495 Freddy Garcia
496 Carlos Guillen
497 Aaron Sele
498 Brett Tomko
499 Jamie Moyer
2001 Topps/Traded
2001 Donruss
59 Edgar Martinez
85 Freddy Garcia
122 John Olerud
194 Rafael Soriano
195 Ichiro Suzuki
2001 Fleer
84 Alex Rodriguez
94 Freddy Garcia
114 Carlos Guillen
136 John Olerud
143 Edgar Martinez
171 Al Martin
201 Rickey Henderson
229 Mike Cameron
257 Jay Buhner
331 Kazuhiro Sasaki
338 Aaron Sele
2001 Upper Deck
24 Rob Ramsay
82 Alex Rodriguez
84 Mike Cameron
85 David Bell
86 Jay Buhner
88 Rickey Henderson
325 Edgar Martinez
326 Freddy Garcia
327 Bret Boone
2002 Topps/Traded
2002 Donruss
74 Ichiro Suzuki
114 Kazuhiro Sasaki
173 Allan Simpson
178 Antonio Perez
207 Freddy Garcia
212 Ichiro Suzuki
2002 Fleer
26 Ichiro Suzuki
48 Dan Wilson
68 Joel Pineiro
83 Jamie Moyer
115 Freddy Garcia
153 Desi Relaford
242 Ichiro Suzuki
262 Mark McLemore
272 John Olerud
282 Mike Cameron
321 Kenny Kelly
376 Kazuhiro Sasaki
390 Bret Boone
481 Jeff Cirillo
488 Shigetoshi Hasegawa
491 Ruben Sierra
508 Luis Ugueto
539 Safeco Field Checklist
2002 Upper Deck
127 Aaron Sele
132 David Bell
461 Ichiro Suzuki
524 Luis Ugueto
580 Ruben Sierra
2003 Topps/Traded
2003 Donruss
6 Ichiro Suzuki
212 Ismael Valdes
2003 Fleer Tradition
26 Cameron/Boone/Garcia
34 Freddy Garcia
38 Joel Pineiro
51 Ichiro Suzuki
108 Jeff Cirillo
141 Jamie Moyer
167 Edgar Martinez
168 Randy Winn
179 Dan Wilson
180 John Olerud
208 Ben Davis
278 Julio Mateo
309 Bret Boone
358 Luis Ugueto
408 Kazuhiro Sasaki
438 Chris Snelling
446 Willie Bloomquist
2003 Fleer Tradition Update
30 Carlos Guillen
41 Randy Winn
129 Gil Meche
183 Ryan Franklin
214 Edgar Martinez
215 Bret Boone
224 Shigetoshi Hasegawa 
225 Jamie Moyer 
268 Ichiro/Andruw Jones
352 Aaron Looper
376 Brian Sweeney 
393 Rett Johnson
2003 Upper Deck
66 Danys Baez
67 Ichiro Suzuki
71 Dan Wilson
308 Jeff Cirillo
534 Ichiro Suzuki Checklist
2003 Upper Deck Update
2004 Topps/Traded
2004 Donruss
48 Rett Johnson
176 Dan Wilson
177 Edgar Martinez
178 Freddy Garcia
179 Gil Meche
182 Joel Pineiro
183 John Olerud
185 Randy Winn
186 Ryan Franklin
187 Kazuhiro Sasaki
297 Rey Sanchez
381 Ichiro Suzuki Team Card
2004 Fleer Tradition
36 Team Leaders Boone/Moyer/Pineiro
307 Carlos Guillen
496 Looper/Sweeney/Johnson
2004 Upper Deck
2005 Topps/Update
2005 Donruss
31 Travis Blackley
326 Bret Boone
396 Ichiro Suzuki Team Card
2005 Fleer Tradition
7 Ichiro/Mora/Guerrero Avg Ldrs
74 Dan Wilson
139 Joel Pineiro
187 Jolbert Cabrera
326 Rivera/Baek/Lopez 
2005 Upper Deck
180 Joel Pineiro
243 George Sherrill
2005 Upper Deck Update
133 Jorge Campillo
146 Mike Morse
170 Wladimir Balentien
172 Yuniesky Betancourt
2006 Topps/Update
2006 Fleer
2006 Upper Deck
11 Jarrod Washburn
411 Jaime Bubela
798 George Sherrill
801 Jose Lopez
805 Roberto Petagine
2006 Upper Deck Update
1176 Cha-Seung Baek
1245 Ichiro Suzuki Checklist
2007 Topps/Update
2007 Fleer
2007 Upper Deck
191 Richie Sexson
2008 Topps/Update
2008 Upper Deck
134 Brandon Morrow
739 Ichiro Suzuki
2009 Topps/Update
2009 Upper Deck
2010 Topps/Update
2010 Upper Deck
447 Jose Lopez
566 Safeco Field
2011 Topps/Update

Trades in the mailbox

I recently got two packages in the mail, and I have to say that the people of this small world of bloggers are the best. First off, I had a trade going with the Moose of the GSNHOF. He was looking for the last card to complete a set of 89 Topps. I had it, but he got it somewhere else first. But I was able to help him nearly finish the Traded set and sent a whole bunch of 95 Topps he needed. That package should be to you Monday or Tuesday. He in turn sent me all kinds of Mariners from all years that weren't Topps cards(Start of a new project, with a big wantlist coming).

Second, I would like to send a big thanks to Chris of the Project '62. After I asked you guys if I should add the Pilots to the Mariners super set, he was nice enough to send me 8 cards from the 69 Pilots and 10 cards from the 70 Pilots set(another part of the new project). I am getting some more extra Cubs stuff together and it will be out to you in the next couple days. I am so thankful of the generosity of all you guys and ladies out there. Thank you again!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wanted cards

I'm hoping with the help of everyone out there, I can get this done before Opening day. I need 7 cards to finish Series 1of Topps.
That's exactly what I want to do to Series 1. Knock out it out like bowling pins. That is one of the cards I need too. If anyone has cards 1, 8, 51, 79, 109, 171, or 221 laying around and doesn't need them I have a good home for them. Also, if no one is collecting the insert backs of the Yo Momma cards, I need all but 4, 17, 19, 31, 55, and 58 to try and make the set. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail if you can help. Thanks foe the help.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Card from the box

Time to take another trip to the big box of cards and see what kind of beauty we come up with . I'm really hoping for something good. I want something that will make people remember why they loved that card or what they were doing in their lives in that year. Please oh great gods of the cards give me a good one....
OK, I guess I deserved that. I guess it all can't come up winners. All I can think is that I hated the design, and make think of my days in high school. I will admit I like the two-tone hat with the cartoon Oriole, but not much else. Well, let's hope for better cards next time!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Football post

I know that most of you don't watch the show, or don't like him but give OchoCinco a chance. I watched the premiere last night because my wife likes the show. I've even been to a taping of an episode. But for their first performance, Chad and Cheryl didn't look half bad.

I think if he puts his mind to it, he can go far on the show. Look at most of the football players that have done well so far: Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, and Warren Sapp. Lawrence Taylor didn't far so well. And Cheryl Burke is easy on the eyes. Erin Andrews from ESPN is also on the show, so there is more to look at.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Retro Mariner Sunday 3/21/10

Time to look back in Mariner history at another past Mariner player. Today's honor goes to former third baseman and current TV color man Mike Blowers.

Mike was born in Germany, but went to high school at Bethel HS in Spananway, WA. He attended and played baseball for the University of Washington. He was selected by the Mariners in 1984, but didn't sign. He drafted again by the Giants in 84, but didn't sign. The Orioles tried in 85, But Mike didn't sign. Finally in June of 1986 the Expos drafted Mike and he did sign with the Expos. After being traded from the Expos to the Yankees on 8/29/89 for John Candeleria, he made his MLB debut on Sept. 1, 1989 against the Angels. Mike got his first MLB start on Sept. 5th against the Mariners.
In May of 1991 the Yankees traded Mike to the Mariners for a PTBNL and cash. The M's sent Jim Blueberg to the Yanks to complete the trade. After spending the rest of 1991 and most of 92 at AAA Calgary, Mike spent all of 1993 through 1995 on the major league roster as the starting third baseman. In the incredible playoff run of 1995, we were treated to "Blower Power." In November of 1995, Mike was sent to the Dodger for Miguel Cairo and Willis Otanez. After spending a season with the Dodgers, Mike came back for another playoff season in 1997. In 1998, he played for the Oakland A's. After spending most of 1999 away from the game, Mike signed with the Mariners again to finish out the season. That made him one of only three players to spend three separate stints with the Mariners, joining Norm Charlton, and Jeff Nelson for the honor.

After taking a few years off away from the game to spend time with his family, Mike joined the Mariners broadcast family in 2003 doing pre- and post-game on radio for the team. in 2007, Mike moved to the TV side to be the color analyst. On June 23, 2007 he started a sensation that still goes on at Safeco Field and on the road with the rally fries tradition. A fan sitting on the first base line tried for a foul ball and dumped his fries and tartar sauce on the warning track. Mike said on air that the fan deserved new fries for no ball, and now no fries. They did send down fries to him and did win the game. The next night a fan brought a sign to the park asking for rally fries, and once again the TV crew obliged. The Mariners ended up winning the rest of the homestand and tradition was born that carries on today in Seattle and on the road.

Mike became a household name after the Mariners game on September 27, 2009 in Toronto. On the radio pregame show he predicted that Matt Tuiasosopo would hit his first major league home run in his second at bat into the upper deck on a 3-1 fastball. That prediction made him seem like Nostradamus. We look forward to hearing Mike do color on TV again this year for the Mariners.

Trade from the Big Daddy

I want to send a big thank you to JayBee of BDJ610's wonderful blog. I recently sent him e-mail that I had pulled a Whitey Ford SP from the 2010 Topps series and was willing to trade it to him for some series 1 base cards. We had made trades last year for other SP's from the '09 set. Once again he came through in a big way, getting me very close to finishing series 1. For the one SP and a few ToppsTown cards for his kids, I ended up getting about 35 cards that I needed. Thanks again JayBee!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pilots it is

I have been thinking about it, and I guess everyone is right. I will add the Pilots to my Mariners super set. It is only two years of cards, and they were an MLB team. I don't like the fact that my city lost it's team to a nincompoop like Bud Selig, but what can I do.
If anyone has any extra 69 or 70 Topps Pilots cards laying around that they would like trade away let me know and I will start on this venture.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Help Wanted

No, I'm not hiring someone for a job. I do need the help of all you out there though. I have been pondering the thought of whether or not to include the 69 and 70 Topps Seattle Pilots cards into my Mariners super set. I know that they became the Brewers, but they were professional Seattle baseball. I would love to hear what everyone thinks. I also will be putting up a wantlist of Donruss, Fleer, and Upper Deck Mariners. I think I will try to finish those team sets and have all brands of M's.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Card from the box

I decided to pull another card from the box of madness and post whatever comes up. Oh the suspense of what will arrive...

Not bad! I did like the design of the 84 Donruss set. I guess that's why I bought a set back then. I traded off some of the cards and should try to re-complete it someday. Joe Carter looks a little different than the Joe Carter that hit the World Series winning walk off home run in the 1993 series.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Retro Mariner Sunday 3/14/10

Back again for another Retro Mariner Sunday. Today brings us a guy that wasn't with the team for many years but his look was memorable.

Two year catcher Rick Sweet played for the Mariners in 1982 and 1983. He was a home grown Mariner. Rick went to Mark Morris High School in Longview, WA and attended Gonzaga University in Spokane. He was originally drafted by the Pirates in 1974, but didn't sign with them. He was drafted again in 1975 by the Padres. He spent three years in their minor league system. He spent the entire 1978 season with the Padres, but spent the next two seasons back at AAA Hawaii. The Mets purchased his contract after the 1980 season and spent 1981 in AAA Tidewater. In 1982, he started the season with the Mets, but his contract was purchased from the Mets in May 21, 1982 after only playing in 3 games for the Mets to start the season. He immediately became the starting catcher for the M's for the next two years. His offensive numbers weren't great, but he did work well with the young pitching staff. Rick was released by the Mariners at the end of spring training in the 1984 season after the Mariners had acquired Bob Kearney from the Athletics in the off season, and the team had up and comers Orlando Mercado and Dave Valle. Rick did decide to stay with manager Del Crandall on the team as the bullpen coach for 1984. He did scouting for the Mariners in 1985 and 86. In 1987, he was given the opportunity to manage the Bellingham Mariners. That team had a young #1 draft pick named Ken Griffey, Jr. In 1988, he moved up to low A ball and managed the Wausau Timbers. After 1988, rick left the organization and went to the Astros system. For 1989, he managed the Osceola Astros in the Florida State League. In 1990, he managed the AA Colombus MudCats. They moved their AA team to the Jackson Generals for Rick to manage in 1991 and 1992. From 1993 to 1995, he managed the AAA Tucson Toros and won the PCL title in 1993. In 1996, He was the first base coach for the big league Astros. In 1997, Rick managed the AA Binghampton Mets. 1998 brought a league title for Rick and the AA Harrisburg Senators of the Montreal Expos system. He also spent 1999 managing the Senators and in 2000 moved up to the AAA Ottawa Lynx. For 2001 to 2003, he went back to his roots and managed the AAA Portland Beavers of the Padres organization. In 2004, Rick manged the AA Erie SeaWolves of the Tigers organization. From 2005 and including this year, he has been the manager of the AAA Louisville Bats of the Cincinnati Reds. I would think personally that with all that minor league managing experience that when one of these Major League managers gets fired soon, Rick should get a shot at managing in the show.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another card from the box

I have been having a hard time deciding what to write again. I decided to just reach in the box of fun and see what comes up this time.

Nice! A card from the first cards I remember as a kid. I really wasn't much of a fan of any team that year. I watched the Angels and Dodgers on TV at home when they were on, but didn't root for either much. I know that my first World Series I remember was that year. I fell in love with the "We are family" Pirates.
I think the first thing I liked about them was all the different uniform combinations. My favorite was Willie "Pops" Stargell. The way he windmilled that bat was cool. I also thought Kent Tekulve was fun to watch with his sidearm delivery. Oh yeah, Johnny Bench card...He and the Reds were defeated in the NLCS by the Pirates. Happy Saturday!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Congratulations to my local Enumclaw High School Hornets for Defeating Nate Sikma(Jack's son), and the Bellevue Wolverines in the quarterfinals of the state 3A basketball championships. Two more wins for an undefeated state title winning season. Good luck tonight boys!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Card from the box

I decide to grab one of my boxes of cards, close my eyes and post the first card I grabbed. I wonder what we came up with??

Wow! One of my favorites sets. This was my second year of collecting, but I sold most of the 1980 Topps I used to own. I would like to build that set again some day. I know most people didn't like them, but I still think the Astros old tequila sunrise uniforms were pretty cool.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Retro Mariner Sunday 3/7/10

Back for another retro Sunday. This week, the spotlight is on utility infielder Mike Brumley. He only spent one season with the Mariners. Mike started the season at AAA Calgary. He was called up to the majors and spent the 1990 season with the club.
Mike spent his college time at the University of Texas, and won the College World Series in 1983. One of his teammates on that winning team was none other than Roger Clemens. After being drafted by the Red Sox in 1983, Mike was part of trades for two hall of famers. He was traded with Dennis Eckersley to the Cubs for Bill Buckner. He was later part of a trade that sent him to San Diego for Goose Gossage. He was also traded to Detroit and Baltimore, and was signed as free agent with many teams. Mike spent time in the Majors with the Cubs, Tigers, Mariners, Red Sox, Astros, and Athletics. He spent time in all those clubs farm systems and spent time in the Marlins farm system also. After spending the 96 season with Houston's AAA team, Mike retired from baseball.

In 1997, he managed the Rio Grande Valley White Wings of the Independent leagues. In 98 he was manager of the AZL Diamondbacks. In 1999, he moved up and managed at AA South Bend in the D-Backs system. In 2000, Mike was the minor league bunting instructor for the White Sox. In 2001, he managed the AA Arkansas Travelers of the Angels system to a League Championship. Mike then became the manager of the AAA Salt Lake Stingers from 2002-2004. From 2005-2007, he was the minor league field coordinator for the Texas Rangers. In 2008, Mike was back managing again, this time with the Ogden Raptors of the Dodgers System. In 2009, Mike was a minor league roving instructor for the Dodgers. On October 31, 2009 Mike was named to replace Bruce Hines as third base coach for the Mariners in the 2010 season.

Mike was a second generation Major League player. His father Mike played for the Washington Senators from 1964-1966.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mail Call!

I have been piling up a few trades and need to post some pictures. Not long ago, I sent an e-mail about some 88 Topps to Ed at Roll out the Barrel. I sent him a bunch of 88's and some Brewers card for his team sets. He in turn sent me some of my needs from 2010 Topps series 1.

Thanks to Ed, I'm getting close to finishing Series 1. Maybe I can get it done before Opening Day. He also decided to send some extra Mariners cards from different years.
Here is probably my favorite of the bunch:

What a nice Topps Chrome of the next Cy Young award winner, Felix Hernandez.
I wonder if I will get called by the feds for copyright infringement for posting and owning this card Ed sent me:

UH-OH! 2010 Upper Deck!!

I also recently had a trade with Mike at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet. He was looking for some of the different insert sets from series 1. I was willing to send him a bunch that I had since I prefer the base cards and not all the inserts. He sent me the last three Mariners cards I needed for the binder to have the collection up to date.

Mike also was a generous person by sending a stack of Mariners cards.

Amongst the stack was some prospect love:
I think Carlos Truinfel and Greg Halman both have a future in the Majors. I surely hope that future is with the M's.

Mike also showed some old school Mariners love. These were the days I first started to like the team, and was ridiculed horribly for loving such a loser team. Last but not least, I got a comment from Howard in Georgia. He had two of my 2010's I needed, Bedard and Beltre. He offered to send them to me for nothing in return. I appreciate the generosity very much.I want to thank all the people that I've made trades with, and all the people that have followed and/or looked at my blog. I thought I would end up writing to myself.

I also want to extend a thanks to JayBee that runs the SportsCard Blogroll. I feel so honored to be on the list with so many other great blogs. I hope I can be half as good as some that are on there. Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let the games begin...

Today is the day that hope springs eternal. I am so ready to get baseball season under way. Between the high school having practice behind my backyard, and cactus league games starting today, it is time. I hope that my Mariners will be around until late October. Today starts the long haul. I'm sure we are all ready for the ride. Isn't baseball great!