Friday, December 10, 2010

Donruss Dandies 1991-1995

Here we go for another round of the finest junk wax from Donruss. The quality of their look is starting to improve, and isn't half bad at the end of their run of making baseball cards.

1991 Matt Young
I guess the cameraman couldn't move over a little to eliminate the blatant Budweiser sign in the background? I believe this is the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore?

1992 Jeff Nelson
I understand that Jeff is a rookie and all, but did you have to put Jay Buhner's jersey on him?

1993 Pete O' Brien
It's a sight we don't see anymore, but still is cool. A guy with a batting helmet with no ear flaps.

If anyone owns this, I'm open to a trade.

1994 Tino Martinez
It looks like Tino must have gotten under this one some. It looks like a towering pop-up that won't leave the infield.

If anyone owns this one, I'm open to a trade.

1995 Darren Bragg
I miss guys like him. He wasn't the most gifted player, but he would give all he had and showed a lot of hustle.

There is the best of Donruss in the early stages of card overproduction. I believe the next set we look at will start to see a better look to them.

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  1. I'm a Tino Martinez collector, so I may have an extra. Ill look during the weekend and let you know. I do have one of the "3D" cards that Topps came out with of Tony Gwynn if you need it.