Friday, December 17, 2010

Have you ever noticed...

If you take the time to actually do some research on people's blog, you find more than just a post. I was reading a few people's blogs last night and found that if you start to look their blogroll, you might find some new and interesting blogs. I'm trying to decide to whether or not to go back and follow the new blogs I've seen. I'm thinking that if I do, I will start to have too many sites on my blog roll. What to do? What do all of you do when you find that many new blogs, and you feel like your blog list is too long already???


  1. I say add away. (In fact I just found a blog on your blogroll that I didn't have and added it).

    If the blogroll is too long, you can always just have blogger display only 10 at a time.

  2. I have quite a few blogs on my blogroll & I keep adding to them.

    In order to keep it tidy, I have the list shortened to the 5 most recently updated blogs. I click on 'show all' when I want to see & read the others on the list.

  3. I use wordpress, and I like to keep my template sleek and self-contained, as it were. So I actually just use Google Reader to keep up on everyone, and salt and pepper (to taste) my posts with links if need be!

    I'm also a Uni Watch dork, so aesthetics are important to me. Just don't ask me how I'm dressed.

  4. I say add them all. As NO said, you don't have to display them all.

  5. add 'em. Especially if they follow you, it's only fair...

  6. Or if it is a blog that I don't have on the Sports Card Blogroll, you can send me a quick note to have it added there.


    JayBee Anama

  7. I have about 10-15 that I have in my favorites, and I use JB's sports card blogroll to see what's been updated on other blogs I may want to read. As far as for your own blog - I say, add away!