Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How about this?

I wish I had the photoshop skills that some of you had. I really wanted to take this picture or any of him and change that hat to Mariners cap. I doubt that we are even thinking about trying to get him, but I think we need him.

I mean what do we have at second base this year? Neither Adam Kennedy(ironic, a Kennedy that got popped for DUI) nor Brendan Ryan(are you being saved private?) really get my panties in a bunch. I don't think that Dustin Ackley is ready to make the jump to the Majors. Let him continue to develop and bring him up when the time is right. As I did back in December, here are some guys I am willing to give up to get Michael Young. I think that he is still young enough to help rebuild this team. And, putting him in the 3 hole behind Ichiro and Figgins would be awesome.

Come on Jack, get on the phone to Nolan Ryan, and let's get Michael here to Seattle!!

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  1. Problem is that he has a partial no trade clause and is allowed to designate eight teams that he wants to be traded to. Seattle isn't on the list and neither is any other team that really wants him. Really puts the Rangers in a bind.