Saturday, February 5, 2011

Status Update

Since Facebook was started seven years ago yesterday, and I'm coming up on a year soon, I thought the status of a blog update was due. I have found blogging to be pretty therapeutic, a bit obsessive at times but I'm loving it. I'm so excited for all the friends I've made. I'm even more excited for all the trades I've made, and the great things I've gotten from all of you.

 I used to be fairly active on Sportscard Forum, but found that to make a simple trade was work. I did make some great trades with guys on there, but to get some junk wax Mariners I sometimes was sending trades that were 20:1 in their favors. I do still log on once in awhile, but don't find anything that tickles my fancy. I'm a simple old school card guy. I don't need autos, relics, or any manufactured memorabilia. It seems that all I find on most boards, and in the one LCS that is on my drive home. I understand that's what is driving the industry right now, but don't forget about us regular card collectors. Lord knows, some think if it isn't numbered to a low number, it just a junk base card.

As to the status of my card collections. I have decided to put a temporary hold on anymore Gwynn cards. I can't believe the generosity of you guys. I started this blog owning maybe 20 Gwynn cards. Now, including some duplicates, I think I have about 600 Gwynn's. Unless you want to send me anyone of these:

I will gladly take any '83 Gwynn, but I know there might be a high price to pay for any of those. Instead of Tony, for right now as far as player collections go, I'm going back. I looking to go Vintage, and borderline vintage to borderline junk wax era. I think it's time to focus on bumping up my collections of these guys:

Willie "Pops" Stargell started his career in what's now vintage, and ended just as the other guys came in. I only have a few of his cards, and I really want to try and bump up his pile. The guy had talent, style, and charisma.

Also, I've gotten a few more cards of this guy from some of my fellow bloggers. His cards started in the edge of vintage now to the beginning of the junk wax era. I first got to know Murph and the Braves in the summer of  '82 watching the SuperStation TBS at my grandmother's house in the summer. If you love the player or the card of him is it junk wax to you?

As far as my obsession with Mariners cards go, I think one day the boxes of Mariner cards may fall over and crush me. I feel so humble by all the people that I have made a point to over send me so many great M's cards. I have a lot of cards I've never seen before and I love them all. I think by quick eyeballing, I probably have about 4000 cards that are dupes or something other than what goes into the Super Set binders. As of today, in the binders are 2724 Mariners cards from base and traded from 1977 to 2010.

After consulting the spreadsheets I currently need the 11 new 2011 Topps cards that are out, I am missing 113 cards from any Donruss years, my big hurdle is Fleer. I still need 260 different Fleer cards to close the book on them. I'm getting close on Score, only needing 73 cards from them. Most of those are from their Rookie&Traded series. Lastly, I only need 41 Upper Deck cards from their flagship releases. All in all I have 84.8% of all base cards from the Big 5 makers.

So to all of you out there that have helped with trades, and those who have inspired me to write better posts by reading yours, THANK YOU! I only hope that I can continue to do a decent job of writing and showing off to keep you reading and trading. I know it's hard to read all the blogs out there, because they are all great. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and may you be showered in cardboard of your liking!

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  1. Wow! That's amazing that it only took you a year. The blogging community is awesome, isn't it?