Monday, February 28, 2011

Collecting the Lost Mariners

I recently got an e-mail from AJ at the Lost Collector. He had my 2011 Jose Lopez I needed. He said he might have a few cards for the Super Set. I was more than game for a trade. I sent him some Yankees cards and a bunch of Tino Martinez's. It seems we were thinking the same way because we kind of sent each other some of the same Tino's. He did send me some Tino's, and a few more for the set.

Also included were some early Tino cards and a cool credit card looking card.

I was pleasently surprised to find this 1969 beauty of a Pilots card too!

While I did already have Larry's card, I do know of a certain Heartbreaking blogger that might be interested in this one. With the nice little package from AJ, I'm officially 10 cards closer to finishing the Super Set. Big thanks to AJ, go and read his blog today and show him some love!


  1. Glad you got the cards. I love the Studio credit card looking cards - that is a favorite set of mine. Sorry that you had the Haney! I didn't even know I had it until I was digging up M's cards, so figured I'd throw it in. Definitely try and send it to someone who needs it.

    Thanks for a great trade.

  2. Man I had the Jr. Studio card when i was in 2nd grade. That was my favor card in my collection, and I think I only had to trade a snack pack and a Buhner haha.