Wednesday, February 23, 2011

West Coast Shocker

In the Mariners camp this year is a former Wichita State player. Former Shocker Pitcher Nate Robertson.

Nate's on the mound with the bubble
I'm hoping for good things from Nate this year. From the sounds of a recent interview with Nate, he might a good mentor to have this year. Nate did play for a Tigers team that lost 119 games and was in the World Series a few years later. It looks like Nate really got a rough deal in 2009 with the Tigers, and spent 2010 going from the Tigers, to the Marlins, and to the Phillies organizations. Here's to hoping former Shocker Eric Wedge can find room for Nate if he can have a good Spring Training.

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  1. Sometimes a fresh start is all it takes to get a guy back on track.