Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keep your eyes out for this

I know that most of the country is trying to survive the blizzard right now, so I can wait. If any of you do make travels out and do buy cards, keep me in mind. I still haven't decided if I want to buy a box of cards to have as trade bait, but all I really want for sure is the Mariners cards. I feel like I have so many other cards right now that I don't want or need. Anyways, here the list of cards I'm looking for to make the 2011 Series 1 complete in the binder.

  1. #83 Greg Halman
  2. #85 Jack Wilson
  3. #116 Russell Branyan
  4. #149 David Aardsma
  5. #168 Felix Hernandez
  6. #173 Jose Lopez
  7. #200 Ichiro
  8. #224 Milton Bradley
  9. #235 Felix AL ERA Leaders
  10. #237 Jason Vargas
  11. #252 Michael Saunders
Any help from my great blog friends and readers would be greatly helpful. Also, big thanks to 82Redbirds of Way Off Base fame for the help on the list of cards needed.


  1. Well,
    I picked up two single packs last night @ Target and scored a #149 David Aardsma and a #224 Milton Bradley out of one of them, you are welcome to them at some point. I am undecided and leaning towards collecting my 4 teams this year instead of an entire set.

  2. I'll see what I get in my hobby. (which should arrived tomorrow!!!!!)