Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Captain Comeback?!

It looks like we may have a new left handed possibility in our rotation. Look who's back ladies and gentlemen...

According to all reports so far, he is looking healthy. He has been taking regular turns in the bullpen sessions in Peoria. I also hear that he is being great with the media, answering questions and actually being nice and having fun.

Could we have a potential lefty that can throw on our team and we didn't have to make a deal? I surely hope that Erik can stay happy and healthy this year. I would like to see a year out of him similar to his years in Baltimore. I need some proof of why we sent four players to the Orioles for him. Good luck to Erik in the upcoming Cactus League.


  1. I forgot about this guy. It would be a nice lift if he was able to come back for you guys.

    - TLC

  2. Are those the spring training unis? Ewwww....