Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cards from a Cards fan

As I eluded to earlier this morning, I got a package in the mail yesterday from a fellow Northwesterner. The great Kerry(aka madding) from Cards on Cards sent me an envolope full of cardboard goodness. There was some really cool cards of Mr. Gwynn new and old.

Also was this fold out Donruss poster all in spanish on the back. I've never seen these before:

Also was some older cards from the great "Pops", who was my first favorite player.

The First Mariner highlights were these old and newer Donruss cards for the binder.

Now we can't forget the Fleer fun that was also in this mailer. All the 93 Finals to complete that set!

Also, while it may be called junk wax, I needed all these Score cards that were sent.

Not to be left out was these Upper Deck goodness that will help dwindle down the Super Set to less than 500 cards needed to have all the base and traded cards from all 5 makers from 1977 until now.

Big thanks to madding for some Northwest love, and since I can't talk any baseball, football, or basketball trash to a Rip City guy I guess I can only say GO SOUNDERS! We will chop down the Timbers this year!

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  1. haha... don't you mean FLOUNDERS?

    (I miss the Sonics, though. Still pissed about that.)