Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got Sand in my shoe

As you all may or may not know I've decided I'm tired of chasing cards. I have bought packs and packs of Topps the last few years. I get a bunch of cards I don't want anymore. I decided with the Update set last year and Series 1 this year to beg you guys for the Mariners I need to make my Super Set. Well the first blogger to step up was (...Joe) from The Sandlot. Joe sent me a worthless shortstop, and a guy that's with the D-Backs now:

Also he sent me a nice righty, lefty combo that I expect good things from this year:

And of course there is this horizontal card of the 200 hit machine. We really need to get back to the postseason for this guy:

Big thanks go to Joe, and read The Sandlot, it's great.

With these 5 beauties, I'm down to finding 2 cards from Series 1. I need this card of a guy who's in Colorado now:

And a card of The Condor in full extension:

Could you help me feed my Mariners addiction. There is no rehab for my habit, except more M's cards.

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  1. I have the Lopez for you, as well as a few off of your super set want list.

    - TLC

    thelostcollector AT gmail Dot com