Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old faces in new places #3

While doing a little looking around again, I found another former Mariner. Today we look at Mr. Flatbrim himself George Sherrill. George has signed on with the Atlanta Braves this year.

After being part of the Bedard deal that took George to Baltimore, it seems that his career has gotten off track. After having an All-Star season in 2008 with the O's, they traded him to the Dodgers at the deadline in 2009. He had a great rest of '09, but for some reason bombed in 2010. After becoming a free agent in December, he signed on to work in the Braves bullpen this season. Good luck George.

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  1. Sherrill is one of those players I'm surprised the Yankees never acquired at some point. He is tied to the team every year at the trade deadline, and it always passes without him. Reminds me of Jose Vidro back in the day - same deal.