Friday, February 4, 2011

Climbing the mountain with Fuji

Get it Mt. Fuji? It was the best reference I could come up with. It sounded clever in my head. Anyways, I recently sent a small care package to Mark over at the Chronicles of Fuji. It had a few cards from a long ago Seahawk Steve Largent, and some extra Ichiro's. Well the self proclaimed short, fat Japanese guy who collects cards did not disappoint in return. I was surprised by the variety of Tony Gwynn's he sent me. I know it had to be hard for him to do being a Gwynn collector himself.

First off there was some shiny Gwynn's. OOHH, AAHH!

Also was some old, new, and unlicensed cards of Tony.

The best Gwynn was one that knocked off another card from the Prime 9. This great 1985 Donruss Gwynn.

Then, with a handwritten note(I love those, they feel so personal) was this gem complete with red Sharpie auto. He even has all the pertinent info on the back.

I will definitely treasure this card of The Fuji himself. Mark is a guy after my own heart by being a Gwynn fan, and also he is a San Jose Sharks fan so he's all good in my book. Thanks again Fuji and I hope to find some more stuff for you soon.

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  1. Glad you received your package safely... I just bought a "lot" of Gwynn cards off of eBay... I'll set aside my doubles for you. Thanks again for the sweet Largent set and the Ichiros.