Friday, February 11, 2011

Manny and more

I guess the big excitement for Mariner fans is we signed Manny DelCarmen to a minor league deal yesterday. I'm really not all that excited about that one. I know there are still other guys out there that can help more. I guess we will see how he does in Peoria. The magic day is down to 3 days and counting!!

Also, yesterday I went to Target to get a Valentine's card for my wife(our 20th day together). I wanted to resist the urge but couldn't. I bought a couple rack packs and got a few Mariners I needed. I came to a conclusion, and it will be a big topic I'm going to hit this weekend for the Blog Bat Around. I can't guarantee that anyone is going to like my ideas, but I'll give them to you this weekend anyways. Some of the inserts are spoken for and I will get a hold of those people soon. I will try to put up later what is available which is pretty much all of it, except the M's cards. Here's the few Mariners I got:

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  1. Hey dude, I've got 5 of the '11 Mariners you still need. Shoot me an email!