Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ultimate Upper Deck 2004-2010

Here we come to the end of the countdowns. It's not like revealing a number 1 song, but it's the best I could find.

2004 Randy Winn
I like the look on Randy's face from the missed play at second, and the American flag on the outfield wall looks great in the background.

2005 Raul Ibanez
Obviously the Mariners got a win. The horror comes on the side of the card reminding me that Scott Spiezio was once on this team!

2006 Jeremy Reed
Nice photo to get the flat out dive. I wonder if it hurt to hit the ground?

2006 Carl Everett X2
The forgettable Carl Everett got not one but two cards for the Mariners in 2006.

2007 Kenji Johjima
Did they have Glamour Shots come from the mall to take these pictures? I mean the sunset in the background is kind of different.

2008 Richie Sexson
No matter how long there and pout Richie, the umpire called you out and need to go back to the dugout.

2009 Adrian Beltre
I always worried when he would ask for a ruling on his own check swing. Don't get a strike on yourself unless the catcher asks the 1st base umpire.

2009 Ryan Rowland-Smith
Just a bonus card of my now former Mariner. Take good care of him Astros fans, he a good pitcher and a great guy.

If anyone had this card, I'm open to a trade.
2010 Safeco Field
I really did like the look of this last year's set. The ballpark cards were nice especially this one with the sunset. I wish they would have shown just a little more of the ballpark.

This brings us to the end of my favorite cards from each year for each maker. Now I guess I need to think of a new gimmick to get us to Spring Training, and also something to get you guys to continue to keep reading my blog that isn't much.


  1. Here is a suggestion on an idea to get those of us who read your post through to spring about posting your favorite cards of your favorite Mariners players through the years. Keep up the great work with your blog, and I enjoy the new border on your blog.

  2. I love the 04 Randy Winn because of the flag. Any chance you have an extra one?

  3. @TS I like the idea. I may try and look into that kind of posts. I'm glad everyone is liking the border. Trying to mix it up.

    @Benny I will look through and see if I have a second one. If I do I will get it to you.