Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting so close,

But yet I feel like I have so far to go to complete my Super Set. While looking for some cards for some trades I'm working on(Sorry guys, I'm slow), I tried to make sure of what I had for myself. I was finishing updating mt spreadsheet checklists and working on getting the cards in their binders. I decided to work up the numbers and see how close I was to completing this monster. I have to say with help of a few buys here and there, the generosity of the blog world, had really helped me on this.


If my math is right, for just base and traded sets from the five big makers (Donruss, Fleer, Score, Topps, and Upper Deck) there is 3,211 Mariners cards available from 1977 to 2010. As of last night I counted myself as owning 2,689 of those cards. That means I only need 522 cards, not counting what comes out for 2011, to finish this masterpiece. Of course there is the small task of also still trying to collect the 18 Seattle Pilots cards I need from the 1969 and 1970 Topps sets.  I'm sure with the help of you great guys and ladies out there, I might actually get this done this year.


  1. Today, while the Patriots aren't playing, I'll look to see if I have anything you need. Thats's just an awesome set you're building.

  2. Damn... how I miss the old Mariner's logo with the star & the trident.

    By the way... I'm impressed... 2689 different Mariners cards? Awesome!