Monday, January 3, 2011

Superb Score 1994-1998

Here we go with the last half of Score's production run. Due to financial troubles, Pinnacle brand which made Score filed for bankruptcy in 1998 and was out of the baseball card business. Let's see what they gave us in the end.

1994 Ken Griffey Jr.
Now here's something you don't associate with Junior, a bunt. Must be a spring game, cause I don't remember that in the regular season.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1994 Rookie/Traded Greg Pirkl
A card of spring training greatness. I always found the spelling on his name kind of cool.

1995 Rich Amaral
I'm not sure why he is listed as a DH, when it looks like he is playing leap frog at second base.

1996 Randy Johnson
I don't care if you're bigger than me, I'm catcher and what I say goes. Got it?!

1997 Dennis Martinez
Nine games with the Mariners for a 1-5 record, and 7.71 ERA. He did pitch a perfect game back in the day. El Presidente was a Mariner for a minute.

1998 Joey Cora
I always wondered how Joey got away with the hat pins when MLB is so strict with the uniform policy. They do add a nice little flair though.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1998 Rookie/Traded Alex Rodriguez
Is Alex getting mic'd for a game, or does he not know how to dress himself and the clubhouse guys need to help him out?

There you are folks, the short run of Score cards. I have plenty of needs from Donruss, Fleer, Score and Upper Deck in the Super Set wantlist. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Soon, will be our next victim, the Upper Deck series.

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  1. Griffey had 8 sacrifice bunts in his career, 6 with the M's.
    Could also have been a bunt for a hit.