Thursday, January 13, 2011

God must love ballplayers...

Because if you we're anyone else, you would be dead by now." So far that is the greatest line from this book.

I received it for Christmas after everyone heard me saying I wanted to read it. While I'm only half way through the book so far, I must say the story is very moving. It is amazing to see the depths of darkness people fall into and crawl out of. I had a new respect and admiration for Josh Hamilton. I think I might even be becoming a bit of a fan of his. Except of course when the Rangers play the Mariners. I would highly recommend if you haven't read this book to buy it or get it from your library.

UPDATE: I still have the $20 from Amazon. I still haven't decided what books to buy with the money yet.

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  1. I also got that book for Christmas. Took me three days to finish-I couldn't put it down. By the way, I shipped your package yesterday.