Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ultimate Upper Deck 1994-1998

Back again for another round of Upper Deck. Now is the time we get into the mass over-produced junk wax era. I think these were the years when most of got out of collecting cards. I know I did, and missed out on some decent cards. Here's what they gave us from the later 90's.

1994 Roger Salkeld
It is strange to see a pitcher with a bat in his hands before interleague play. I know there is a blogger out there who likes cards of pitchers batting, but I can't remember who...

1995 Ron Villone
A rookie card from a guy that has seen alot of miles. At 40 years old, he has pitched for 12 different Major League teams. WOW!

1996 Luis Sojo
I never knew a guy could slide into second so hard to knock the base out of the ground.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to trade.
1997 Joey Cora
I think this an awesome action shot of Joey turning the DP. Nice horizontal positioning too.

If anyone has this card, I'm open to a trade.
1998 Dennis Martinez
Now this to me is a card of player that has been there and done that. Look all those stats, that is a card to make a blog by that name proud.

Soon to come more Upper Deck goodness as we move into the 21st century of cards. I hope everyone is enjoying my look at some great Mariners cards.


  1. I'm that blogger that collects pitchers shown batting...

  2. I really liked this era of Upper Deck, even though their move away from the white bordered base set was the start of their downfall. The 94 and 95 sets were two of my favorite. Also like that Diamond Debuts subset.