Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ultimate Upper Deck 1989-1993

Well now folks, it's time to look at our last big maker of cards. As we all know Upper Deck lost their license last year to make MLB authorized cards. Some of them were still nice looking cards. More on that when we get to the present day cards. I'm sure that everyone who has ever done any collecting knows that this was the card that would change the industry:

But it must be said that Upper Deck also gave us some other great cards like these.

1989 Bruce Fields
How could you not just love the classic I have my bat on my shoulder for a baseball card photo shoot? We don't see much of it anymore.

1990 Erik Hanson
I'm sorry, but is that really the picture they decided to put on his card? It looks more like a High School Senior picture from the late 80's. KIND OF CREEPY!!

1991 Roger Salkeld
Dude, I know you think it will get you chicks but that necklace has got to go. Those things went out in the 70's.

1991 Ken Griffey Sr.
I wanted to give a special mention to this card, because it was one of only a few that had both Kens together on it.

1992 Greg Briley
I'm sure most everyone has seen this card before. It is strange though because "Pee Wee" never played catcher in the bigs.

1993 Omar Vizquel
Who or what are you taping Omar? I wonder what else is on that tape from your spring training time...

There we have the beginning of Upper Deck's run. They had some really nice cards and designs in the beginning. Some of the cards from the later 90's weren't as hot but we will see those on the next installment of this breakdown.

I would be shamed if I didn't give a shout out to the Seattle Seahawks. They did what I didn't think was possible yesterday against the Saints. I don't know if they can do it again, but that was an IMPRESSIVE WIN.


  1. The Seahawks/Saints game yesterday was awesome! I was glad to see the underdog come out and beat the defending champs.

  2. I was cool to see Seattle win but if they keep winning, it's going to be another big controversy like the last time they went to the Superbowl.

  3. Nice Griffey rookie... it's a must have for any baseball card collector. Now onto more important business... the Seahawks!

    I'm a huge Seahawks fan... and that was an amazing game. I'm with you... totally didn't think it was possible, but I'm sure glad they did. The 12th man, Hasselbeck, and Lynch all showed up when it counted.

    Go Hawks!