Friday, January 21, 2011

How awesome is that?

Last night the San Jose Sharks were desperate for a back up goalie. Where else would you turn for a goalie for an NHL Game? How about a local college? That's just what the Sharks did yesterday. The team signed  22 year old Jordan White from the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds to a one game amateur tryout. While he never saw any ice time and won't get paid, he was sitting on the bench opening the door for stars, and holding the clipboard. The only thing he will get to have out of it is a story and his jersey from the Sharks, but that's still not a bad way to spend a Thursday night. Congrats to Jordan, and here's to hoping you can continue your way towards the big leagues...


  1. This was yesterday's discussion topic at the lunchroom table... what a great story to be able to tell the grand kids.

  2. That was a big story up here in Vancouver. Nice thing is he got to keep the jersey.