Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking for a green card

If there were some in the cards I got recently it would be perfect. I just got a package from the Great White North. Dennis from Pictures of Men sent me a package of Mariners cards to help out my habi..collection. He sent a variety of M's new and old...

Also included were some cards of Murph, and a guy who playing days were at the Murph:

And finally the piece de resistance was this absolute beauty:

While Kanekoa only spent a short time in 2010 with us here in Seattle, this baby is only 109/199 AWESOME!! Big thanks again go out to my new favorite Canadian, Dennis. Just to let you know Dennis, I'm almost done getting your package together. I should have it out to you next week.


  1. Hey Larry, I'm glad you like the cards. It was definitely a fun package to put together. Hope all is well with you in the Great Northwest!

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