Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thanks Philly!

I can not tell how cool of a sight it was to see this on my TV last night. I knew he was good from what I've seen of him in the World Series and read about. How does a guy that has been out since early in spring training make one rehab start at AAA come out and be so dominant? I found it awesome that he pitches 7 innings of 3 hit, no run, no walk, 8 strikeouts on 98 pitches nasty. Now if only our pathetic offense could actually hit the ball to support Cliff, Felix, Ryan, Doug and the rest of the pitching staff all would be right Marinerville.
I extend my thanks to you Philadelphia, and Phillies fans for allowing Cliff Lee to come to the Mariners. I hope that Phillipe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, and Juan Ramirez work out for you. I also hope that we can keep Mr. Lee here after the year. If we can hit behind him, he just might stay long term. It would be special to have King Felix and him at the top of the rotation for a long time. Felix takes the hill today, GO MARINERS!!

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  1. Nice to see a good pitchers' duel. Glad Colby and the Rangers came out on top though. Hopefully Harrison can keep Texas in it today.