Friday, May 14, 2010

In a league of his own

I'm not sure what to make of Brandon League. One time he is good, one time he is god awful. Felix goes 7 yesterday, gives up one run and has the win coming. Brandon comes in in the eighth, and 16 pitches later we are down a run after a Luke Scott grand slam. He is 3-3, with 3 blown saves, given up 19 hits, 11 runs and only struckout 14 guys in 20 1/3 innings and has a 3.98 ERA. Not really the numbers you want to see out of one of your set-up guys. If anyone remembers the Mariners of old, Brandon is really starting to remind me of this guy:

I'm not really sure the 2010 Mariners fans are ready for another Bobby Ayala. Let's hope for something in Tampa Bay.

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  1. I think League is a little snakebitten at Camden Yards. In the season finale last season when he was with the Jays he blew the save. I was watching the game on ESPN gamecast yesterday at work and stopped paying attention after the O's were down 5-1. I come back to my desk and hour later and saw that they had come back and won. I was pretty happy about it but I'm pretty sure you were pissed about it!