Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to say??

I have no words for my teams right now. The Mariners can't seem to buy a win. Once again Mr League takes the loss in the 10th. My Sharks can't seem to get out their own way either. Not good going to Chicago down 0-2. It does help that the Blackhawks haven't been great at home. "So you're saying there's a chance!" I really don't know what to make of the M's. Granted, we did get five runs, and Felix didn't pitch great but we have to find a way to win these games. I don't like the fact that our record is looking like 2008's when we lost 101 games. I hope something will start to change against Toronto. Also if anyone has a DH that can hit better than .185, we'll take him. Pull it together Sharks, and get after them on Friday.


  1. Well, let's hope that the Mariners stay in the buy mode and don't start selling.

    Let's see what Bradley can do now that he has his head examined.

    Let's move Figgins to the nine whole and let one of the young guns take 2nd spot.

    And let's not look at baserunners as an accident. Like the wise man once said, "act like you've been there". Let's keep using the speed Ichiro has and turn him loose everytime he gets aboard.

    That's what I say in my head anyways.

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