Monday, May 17, 2010

Baseball cards come to my mailbox!

I recently got another hit on the super set wantlist. Bo over at Baseball Cards Come To Life sent me an e-mail saying he had a bunch of cards to help the list. In all he sent me 107 cards I needed for the set. Here are 9 of some of the coolest cards:

The card that I thought was most interesting was the Randy Johnson card that I showed the back of. It was the one time he wore #34 to honor Nolan Ryan after he retired when his arm gave out at the Kingdome. Just wanted to let Bo know that his cards went out today. The package is small, but I will send more when I have some time to search through cards for him. My son's baseball is taking up life five nights a week. What we do for our kids. If you don't read Bo's work, you should. He brings a comical and informative look at some of baseball's greatest cards. Thanks again for the cards Bo!

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  1. Thanks for the cards! I never knew that about Randy Johnson - cool!