Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kiss of Death!!

I'm a little fearful for Don Wakamastu's job right now. Before today's 4-3 walk-off win, Jack Zduriencik talked to the media and gave Wak the dreaded "vote of confidence." 

"We would love to be playing better baseball and we see signs here and there that maybe guys are coming out of it," Zduriencik said of the Mariners struggling offense. "It has been disappointing and perplexing in a lot of ways. Don has a job to do -- he has to get this club to where it needs to get to and I know he intends to do that. "We're very supportive of him right now that he will do that." Zduriencik pointed out that, "We are six weeks into the season, and there are plenty of games remaining to get the season turned around." 

 We have all seen in the past what that usually means for coaches or managers. Heads usually roll soon after. I was nice to see Wak get his 100th career victory today, even if it was from his office. Yes, that's right. For the first time in 203 career games as a manager, he was ejected in the 8th inning. It did spark a 3 run ninth inning for the win. I hope these guys will now get it turned around and get back to playing the way they can.

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  1. Awesome win. Simply a thrill to watch that game close.

    Still, I don't know that Griffey could do that more than once or twice in ten tries...which is probably why he's not batting .200.

    Wak getting tossed was nice. It fired somebody up.

    Hey, we're not talking about Bradley's issues. So that's a plus in itself.