Friday, April 30, 2010

Post #50- A tribute post

Since I have already made it to 50 posts, I thought I would pay tribute to a good pitcher and a great man. None other than the Mariners pitcher with the most wins in club history- Jamie Moyer. Who in their right minds thinks a guy will still be pitching at 47 years old? He is on his sixth team, that's 20% of the league he's played for. He and his wife Karen have done great work for kids with their Moyer Foundation. I'm proud that he was a Mariner and want to wish him continued success. It is hard to believe that a guy they thought wouldn't make it in the majors is going strong at 47 years old. Leftys never quit, they just get better with age.


  1. Moyer the Destroyer! Gotta love the guy. He signs great TTM too.

  2. I don't like him. I have issues with this man.