Saturday, May 22, 2010

Break out the BOOM sticks!

This is the game I think every Mariners fan has been waiting for. The offense absolutely exploded last night on the Padres! Nothing like piling on 15 runs on 15 hits. We needed almost all of it as Cliff Lee wasn't completely on last night. Mike Sweeney went off on the pitchers, going 4 for 5 with two homers and two singles and picking up 6 RBI's. Josh Bard has done nicely since being called up from Tacoma. He goes 2 for 3 last night with 3 RBI's. I even think the time off helped get Milton Bradley's head straight. In the three games since he's come back, he is 5 for 12. I think if he is in the right frame of mind, we will continue to be happy with the results. Let's hope that Ian Snell can keep it going to night and maybe soon we can get back into this thing.


  1. It figures that I miss the most exciting Mariners game all season. I got to see a little bit of it at a bar, but I wasn't able to enjoy it. Hopefully these last few games are the start of a turn around.

  2. It was a very rewarding experience to watch last night. Everything went right for the offense.

    Hopefully, Wak just leaves well enough alone and lets that rotation get some play.