Monday, May 3, 2010

What just happened??

Please be looking for these guys. They seem to have left Seattle, or forgot how to pitch. Spiff and Play at the Plate, I love ya but take your Rangers and go away. You guys are killing us. I don't know what has happened to our bullpen. Blown saves, and poor pitching cost both Cliff Lee, and Doug Fister wins. Felix ran into his own trouble which happens. I don't know where the offense is either. I guess we can only hope the Rays will roll over for us and we can get some wins.


  1. Sorry about how it came out for you but it was a great series. Some awesome pitching.

    Am I correct in remembering that Aardsma got the closer's job after the Rangers knocked the previous guy (name escapes me) out of it?

  2. Yes, he did become the closer after Brandon Morrow kept blowing it. Morrow was supposed to be a starter, then reliever and now is starting for Toronto. Lovely Bill Bavasi picked Morrow over Tim Lincecum in the draft. What a boneheaded move.