Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Noah was a Mariner, right?

Noah had an ark that sailed with animals. That would make him a Mariner in a round about way, right? I did a deal long ago with blog reader Noah. I sent him some Mets cards and in turn he sent me Mariners cards needed for the super set. We were both happy. Then, out of nowhere a box shows up in my mailbox. It's from Noah again with more Mariners cards I can use. This was a totally unexpected gesture. I very much appreciate the extra cards Noah. You definitely went above and beyond. I have a new found affection for that Mets fan. The cards he sent were from all makers and all kinds of years.

The coolest card, by far was this one though. Does the tie-dye jersey not just scream minor league rookie ball. The Everett AquaSox have been known to do some strange things.

Thanks again Noah! I'm not sure I know how to say thanks enough or re-pay you.

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