Friday, May 7, 2010

A numbers game

After seeing gcrl's Cinco de Mayo post about how the Dodgers haven't retired his number but should, I was thinking. What current player will have his number retired or what player that has gone should have his number retired. I know that the Mariners will not give out 11, 14, or 19 to anyone. Rickey Henderson asked for 24 and was declined. I believe the Mariners should have retired #21 for Alvin Davis, he was after all Mr. Mariner. Only two players and one manager have worn it since he left in 1991. My hockey team I believe should retire Patrick Marleau's #12 when he retires. He currently in his twelfth year with the team and has been a leader. So, regardless of which sport it is who's number would you like to see retired, playing or retired?

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