Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please stop talking...

Yes, I'm talking to you Darek Braunecker. Darek is the agent for Cliff Lee. One start into the season and he is already shooting his mouth off about how the Mariners won't be signing Cliff. He believes contract extension talks should be confined to spring training, unless he's running his flap. I understand Mr. Lee will command a boat load of cash after the season, but give his current team a chance. I doubt we will be able to afford the money his agent will want after what they gave Felix. Let's see how the season plays out. Let's see if this offense can get it together and actually score some darn runs. Maybe if we make a playoff push, Cliff will see this team might be a place to stay. The fans already love him. I believe that his teammates like him. I think his talent will push some of our other pitchers to be that much better this year.

This my friends, is the biggest reason I can't stand agents. If the player gets more, he gets more. As far as us fans in Seattle are concerned, you Darek(you don't deserve to be called mister) can shut your flap and take it somewhere else. Let us enjoy Mr. Lee and his performances this year.

Found out this morning that the great agent was on Seattle sports radio yesterday and flat denied he said this to ESPN's Buster Olney. He says his words were taken out of context. Nice job of back pedaling when you are talking to the people of Seattle instead of running your big yap. You annoy me dude. Please go away and shut up!

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