Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is it over?

This has been another down year for the Mariners. It has also been a down year for their right fielder. He has not made the plays in the field that he would normally make. He is not as consistent at the plate like he normally would be. This year he is at his lowest average since coming to the states hitting .275 this year. I still wonder if he is injured and not saying anything.

I also wonder with only 28 games remaining in the Mariners schedule, and I'm assuming young players to be called up, can he do it? For his first ten consecutive seasons Ichiro has been able to amass more than 200 hits for all 10 years. Right now he only has 154 hits this season. His strikeout totals are up, and he can't beat out the infield hit like he used to. What do you think:
Is it possible to get 46 hits in the next 28 games to reach 200 for the season??


  1. 46 hits in 28 games is a lot, and he'd need to get red hot to do it. He'd need to almost double his performance compared to the rest of the year. It'd be great, but that's a big order.

  2. Not likely but what a great run. Next stop, Cooperstown. The Cubs were hoping Fukudome was the next Ichiro. Sorry, Jim Hendry, there's only one Ichiro.