Monday, August 8, 2011

Have you ever noticed??

I know I sound like cranky old Andy Rooney there. But as I was going through a box of cards for a trade I'm putting together, I found some that made me stop. I know not many of us think much of 1991 Bowman. I bought a box long ago for $5. Take a look at these three odd ones I found that I wanted to share.

#141 Milt Cuyler
I assume since Milt is a switch hitter that's why the bats are marked L and R. Is he going to take both up to the plate and see if he can hit with both at the same time??

#38 Bo Dodson
According to the back of the card, Bo debuted in 1989 and played for A Stockton in 1990. Why did someone write 49 in the middle of the Brewers logo on his hat? Nice prank guys.

#174 Scott Lusader
I don't know if Scott wore those goggles all the time or not. Was it a dare, was it a requirement? I know that some people thought they looked cool, but not so much.

As we all know, there are always funny cards out there that grab our attention. What are some of your favorites??

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  1. I bet Milt feels like some kind of bad mother... I'll shut my mouth. Does it really matter that he has a lefty and a righty bat?

    If the writing is on the hat, not on the card, he probably borrowed someone else's hat. "Hey, Bo! Let's get a quick photo!" "Where's my hat! Oh well, I'll take this one." It would be slightly interesting to track that down.

    Maybe Scott's got prescription goggles. I would guess they're safer than glasses and if he can't or doesn't want to wear contacts he can put those on.

    Those are some odd images. I don't think I pay enough attention to the photos to notice these kinds of things most of the time.