Monday, August 1, 2011

True Blue fans--Hello??

Dodgers fans and/or prospectors, can you tell me some more about this kid??

I hear some quick numbers on him this year, and they sound promising. It doesn't hurt my feelings to give up what we got in this three way deal. I was glad to see Bedard go, I wish it would have been Jason Vargas instead of Doug Fister that went to Detroit. I was really surprised how quiet a lot of teams were at the deadline this year. I guess we are starting to load up for 2013 or 2014. I think we still have some work to do to have a decent year this year or in 2012.

Will we see this switch hitting outfielder in Seattle this year? What does his future hold for us Dodger fans?


  1. So, will I be happy with Bedard?

  2. Not a Dodgers fan, but Robinson is a guy who has the potential to be a much better MLB player than Carlos Peguero or career minor leaguer Mike Wilson.

    The home runs he has hit in 2011 is probably a mirage, but he can probably be a good, complimentary talent i.e. a .270-.290 hitter with 10-15 home run power and 20-25 steals.

  3. You guys got a good player. Switch hitting outfielder. good guy. I am not happy he was traded